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    Sreenivasan KR

    A visionary by nature, Sreenivasan KR is the Founder and CEO of Infoholic Research LLP. With 24 years of industry experience in strategic consulting, market entry strategies, and business plan, he is overseeing the entire research and consulting operations of Infoholic Research at a global level.

  • DEEPAK K MODI Chief Financial Officer
    Deepak K Modi

    As the CFO of Infoholic Research and a hard-core marketing professional at heart, Mr Deepak K Modi steers all financial operations in Infoholic Research and takes a keen interest in the sales and marketing initiatives of the company as well. Mr. Deepak K Modi has a proven track record in project management, manufacturing, and account management.

  • PRASHANTH HEBBAR Chief Technology Officer
    Prashanth Hebbar

    Prashanth Hebbar is a passionate technologist having spent the last 7 years building solutions in media and marketing cloud domain. He brings 26 years of rich experience from the media, publishing and technology domains. At Infoholic Research, Prashanth helps steer the technology group conceptualize, develop and deploy innovative products and solutions for our clients.

  • POOJA MUDHOLKAR Associate Director - Strategy and Operations
    Pooja Mudholkar

    Pooja Mudholkar is the Associate Director -Strategy and Operations at Infoholic Research LLP. With a rich industry experience of 15+ years, dominantly in market research, pre-sales, customer relationship management, she has exhibited finesse in her strategic and operational roles in different top tier companies.

  • RAKESH GUPTA Head of APAC Infoholicresearch
    Rakesh Gupta

    Rakesh Gupta is the Head, APAC region of Infoholic Research LLP. A seasoned sales and business professional with more than 25 years of experience in the IT/Telecom industry, he will be overseeing the operations of Infoholic Research in the entire APAC region. He has founded and spearheaded operations in a technology start-up, maximising opportunities in the areas of Business Process Outsourcing and Enterprise Management applications.

  • SARAN PURUSOTHAM Partner Infoholic Innavatar Canada
    Saran Purusotham

    Saran Purushottam is the Partner, Innavatar Infoholic Research LLP. In his role as a Chief Advisory Officer, Saran is prominently known among Canadian companies in the realms of AI, Blockchain, and RPA. Holding a key position in the start-up ecosystem in Canada, India and US, he has successfully bolstered business net worth of companies he has been associated with.

  • SUNANDA GANGULI Manager – Content Marketing & Startegy
    Sunanda Ganguli

    Sunanda Ganguli is the Manager – Strategy and Consulting of Infoholic Research LLP. She has 14+ years of industry experience, spanning areas of research, content management and journalism. Her analytical expertise broadly covers areas such as ICT, BFSI, Healthcare, Telecom etc. At Infoholic Research, she has handled prestigious consulting projects for clients such as NASSCOM

  • BISWAJIT BANERJEE Manager - Research & Consulting
    Biswajit Banerjee

    Biswajit Banerjee is a seasoned market research professional having 12+ years of experience in research, strategic consulting and business development. He has developed advanced skills in supporting C level executives make strategic decisions through data-driven insights and analyses.

  • GOWTHAM KUMAR SAMPATH Manager - ICT Research
    Gowtham Kumar Sampath

    Gowtham Kumar Sampath, heads the Information and Communication Technology Research (ICT) at Infoholic Research LLP. Gowtham's core competency in market research stems from his 12+ years of experience focusing on IT infrastructure services, digital transformation and emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT and extends to semiconductors.

  • PAVAN MUDHOLKAR Assistant Manager - Business Operations (Dharwad Branch)
    Pavan Mudholkar

    Pavan Mudholkar is Manager - Business Operations (Dharwad Branch) at Infoholic Research LLP. He has 10+ years of industry experience in business analysis, market research and content management. He has worked on multiple industry segments like ICT, Healthcare, and Oil & Gas. At Infoholic Research, he has worked as a Sr. Research Analyst and Editor for their Newsletter.

  • ANKUR KALRA Manager - Chemicals Research
    Ankur Kalra

    Ankur a knowledge enthusiast, is currently working as Manager for Chemicals & Materials domain. With 9+ years of experience in market research and continuous tap on current trends, he has an eye for market opportunities to enable potential growth.He specializes in competitive assessment, market entry strategies, procurement optimization, and strategic assessment.