VMware to Add Another Dimension in Network Security- NV Innovate Conference 2016

September, 2016

NV innovate conference 2016

Virtualization has been there for most part of the history, from the time when IBM had envisaged the virtualization in hardware as an answer to the challenge faced by their customers, the trend continues at large even today. Right from server to network, virtualization, has evolved greatly and right at the centre of it is VMware, challenging all notions and delivering a seamless solution.

The history has seen that software was always coupled with hardware, it would go hand in hand, but in the era of virtualization the dependency on hardware has been reducing day by day, leading to de-coupled hardware-software scenario, where you see solutions like Software defined Data Centre (SDDC), that addresses the need to scale up your data centre without worrying about the down time.

VMware NSX is a solution for network virtualisation and security platform for data centres. It programmatically creates, provisions the entire network model of layer 2-7 network services in software. The technology allows everything from switches and routers to VPNs, firewalls, load balancers and workload security to work with any underlying hardware infrastructure. When a VM is moved to another host, its networking and services move with it.

[caption id="attachment_3767" align="aligncenter" width="744"] *Fig: Trend Micro Deep security with NSX *Fig: Trend Micro Deep security with NSX (Image Source)[/caption]

This model can be used with any security providers as it also provides standard APIs to integrate third party network and security solutions. Many security providers like Palo Alto, Trend Micro, Juniper and others have partnered with VMware to provide a greater control of security coupled with NSX solution.

Airtel CTO had elaborated that they were relying only on NSX currently, and do not have any other security provider deployed on top of NSX. Basically NSX builds networks in software, allowing DC operators to achieve levels of agility, security and cost savings. Airtel had achieved the same by eliminating downtime which had helped them in scaling up their network infrastructure while maintaining business continuity. Another advantage NSX provides is saving in time required to configure complex hardware as per requirements. Through NSX, complex network and security rules can be implemented with ease in shorter timeframes.

Virtualization penetration in India is a small proportion of the global market however cloud adoption remains to be high. Riding on the cloud adoption wave, VMware has an opportunity to capture market in India with its NSX offerings.

On the same line VMware is also looking at acquiring Arkin (they have declared their intent), which will enhance its NSX capability as Arkin is clearly a suited opportunity with its SDDC capability.


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