Should we Focus on Customer Experience Trend?

October, 2019

Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement – by James Cash Penney.

Customers gaining prominence

We can observe a paradigm shift where customers are becoming more powerful with increasing awareness of the concept of good customer experience which is becoming bigger and better with each day. Hence, the concept, “customer is a king” has gained more relevance than before. Now, what has triggered this? We can say that the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) has ensured personalized customer satisfaction along with considerable enhancement of customer awareness.

Knowing your customer well

A superficial level of understanding one’s customer is no more sufficient. Organizations are striving to acquire complete knowledge on their customers through advanced technologies such as; internet of things (IOT). Thus, companies can utilize AI to gather detailed information about their customers such as behavior pattern, requirements, likes and dislikes.

Creating a brand purpose

With the rising customer experience trend, the thought is to deliver it along with a brand purpose. Advertisement of a product with a customized image or music can help a customer relate to a product and if such relation can lead to encouraging the consumer to purchase the product or service then it suffices the purpose.

The faster, the better

With the world gaining continuous momentum, no one wants to wait these days. A growing trend has been observed where consumers are stressing upon immediate attention and are becoming result oriented. This calls for mass customization and offering customers what they need based on both search results and previous purchases. Shopping sites, video or music apps send customized recommendations based on the analysis of viewing pattern of the user.

Relevance of predictive analysis

The more a company studies the behavior pattern of a customer, the more predictable the customer base becomes for the company. Predictive analytics can truly enhance customer experience and also help to reduce waste. If the demand for a particular product or service can be predicted, then an enterprise can maintain production based on the demand hence, it can reduce wastage to a great extent.

Human assurance

Also, with companies adopting new technologies, it is augmenting customer’s experience leading to customer satisfaction. However, apart from the digital world experience, consumers are also craving for tangible experiences. For example, although chatbots have revolutionized the aspect of customer support, still there are instances till now where consumers prefer a human customer support over machines. Some tangible product or service in the form of value-add can definitely enhance customer success along with customer satisfaction. The companies that succeed in creating a valuable customer experience trend can accomplish desirable results.

Setting up the trend!

It is irrespective of the industry type, for businesses to flourish, there is a need to create an awesome customer experience that can ensure long-term sustenance. Thus, in a way our focus should be on customer successes to establish a true customer experience trend.

- Kathakali Basu
Content Writer
Infoholic Research