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Worldwide Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) Market Drivers, Trends and Forecast 2016–2022.

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The “Worldwide Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) Market” is segmented by types, application industries, and regions. The study covers the segmented polymers of sodium polyacrylate and polyacrylamide copolymers along with the application coverage of personal care, medical, agricultural, and industrial.

The study ensures 360° view, bringing out the complete key insights of the industry. The Super Absorbent Polymers Market report aims to provide an opportunity for players to understand the latest consumer trends, current market scenario, government initiative, and technologies related to the market. The consumers can benefit from an in-depth understanding of the supply perspective, market competition, and sales channels analysis in order to strategize their procurement processes. In addition, study helps the venture capitalist in understanding the companies better and take informed decisions.

According to Infoholic Research, the “Worldwide Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP)” market will witness a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period 2016–2022. Different polymers have different absorption and swelling capacities based on their chemical and molecular structure, which can further be increased under controlled environment. Sodium polyacrylate and copolymers of polyacrylamide have been dominating the market. Personal hygiene is the largest application segment for SAP covering both child and adult diapers market segments, although SAP is also used in water retaining programs thus finding usage in agriculture and industrial applications which account for the significant consumption after personal hygiene segment. Increasing standard of living pushing better hygiene requirements, environmental concerns related to water conservation and governmental support are the key drivers expected to fuel the SAP market growth during the forecast period. Geographically, North America is expected to hold the majority of the share and revenue contribution while Asia Pacific (APAC) is expected to expand the market in the upcoming years. Some of the players included in the report are BASF SE, Nippon, Evonik Industries, Formosa Plastics, LG Chem, and Sumitomo Corporation.

Market Segmentations:

By Materials

  • Sodium Polyacrylate

  • Polyacrylamide

  • Others

By Application Industries

  • Personal Care

  • Medical

  • Agricultural

  • Industrial

Key Companies


  • Nippon

  • Evonik Industries

  • Formosa Plastics

  • LG Chem

  • Sumitomo Corporation and more

1       Report Outline
1.1            Report Scope
1.2            Market Definitions
1.3            Research Methodology
1.4            Report Assumptions and Declarations

2       Executive Summary

3       Market Positioning
3.1            Total Addressable Market (TAM): Functional Polymers
3.1.1             Market Overview
3.1.2             Major Trends
3.1.3             PESTLE Analysis
3.2            Segmented Addressable Market (SAM)
3.3            Related Markets

4       Market Outlook
4.1            Overview
4.2            Value Chain Analysis
4.3            Market Segmentation
4.4            Porter 5 (Five) Forces Analysis
4.5            Raw Material Analysis
4.6            Patents Analysis

5       Market Characteristics
5.1            Ecosystem
5.2            Market Segmentation
5.3            Market Dynamics
5.3.1             Drivers           Fast-growing developing markets           Rapidly adapting agriculture industry           Increasing demand for thinner sanitary pads
5.3.2             Restraints           Price volatility in raw materials’ markets           Availability issues due to developing supply chain network           Near matured market for baby diapers in developed markets
5.3.3             Opportunities           Bio-based polymer production           Relatively low penetration rate in developing countries
5.3.4             DRO – Impact Analysis

6       Super Absorbent Polymer Types: Market Size and Analysis
6.1            Overview
6.2            Sodium Polyacrylate
6.3            Polyacrylamide Copolymers
6.4            Vendor Profiles
6.4.1             BASF SE
6.4.2             Evonik Industries
6.4.3             Formosa Plastics Corporation
6.4.4             KAO Corporation
6.4.5             LG Chem Ltd.
6.4.6             Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co. Ltd.

(Overview, products/services, geographic revenues, recent developments, business focus, SWOT analysis and business strategy for all vendors)

7       Super Absorbent Polymer Applications: Market Size and Analysis
7.1            Overview
7.2            Personal Care
7.3            Medical
7.4            Agriculture
7.5            Industrial
7.6            Customer Profiles
7.6.1             Kimberly Clark
7.6.2             Procter & Gamble
7.6.3             Unicharm
7.6.4             Camelot Technologies Ltd.
7.6.5             SCA Hygiene Products

(Overview, product usage, geographic revenues, recent developments, and business strategy for all customers)

8       Regions: Market Size and Analysis
8.1            Overview
8.2            North America
8.3            Europe
8.4            Asia Pacific
8.5            Rest of the World

9       Companies To Watch For
9.1            M² Polymer Technologies
9.2            Accepta

(Overview, product coverage and potential, geographic exposure, recent developments, and business strategy for all players)

10    Competitive Landscape
10.1         Competitor Product & Geography Benchmarking
10.2         Market Landscape
10.2.1           Key Strategies Adopted

11    What Our Peers Are Estimating
11.1         Publisher 1
11.2         Publisher 2
11.3         Publisher 3



Research Framework

Infoholic Research works on a holistic 360° approach in order to deliver high quality, validated and reliable information in our market reports. The Market estimation and forecasting involves following steps:

  • Data Collation (Primary & Secondary)
  • In-house Estimation (Based on proprietary data bases and Models)
  • Market Triangulation
  • Forecasting

Market related information is congregated from both primary and secondary sources.

Primary sources

Involved participants from all global stakeholders such as Solution providers, service providers, Industry associations, thought leaders etc. across levels such as CXOs, VPs and managers. Plus, our in-house industry experts having decades of industry experience contribute their consulting and advisory services.

Secondary sources

Include public sources such as regulatory frameworks, government IT spending, government demographic indicators, industry association statistics, and company publications along with paid sources such as Factiva, OneSource, Bloomberg among others.


Worldwide Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) Market Drivers, Trends and Forecast 2016–2022.
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