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Smart Greenhouse Market worth 9.6% CAGR by 2026

June, 2021

" COVID-19 Impact on Smart greenhouse market, size, share, growth, industry analysis, and forecast 2020-2026 "

Smart greenhouse refers to the cultivation of crops without the intervention of humans. Crops grow irrespective of climate changes or any human intervention by any means for a particular period in smart greenhouse cultivation. Smart greenhouse utilizes different microprocessors and sensors to carry out functions such as managing temperature and irrigation systems.

Framers growing crops are mainly becoming dependent on technology for daily activities. Connected technologies that include Zigbee, Wi-Fi, additional wireless sensors, and low power wide area network technology are the few technologies that assist farmers in executing various agricultural activities such as reaping, purchasing, planting, and inventory management. Additionally, the rise in the deployment of the internet of things and artificial intelligence in farmers assist them in monitoring and controlling the crop field and automate the irrigation process.

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Furthermore, vertical farming, which is used to cultivate plants vertically stacked layers, generates smart greenhouse market growth opportunities. Vertical farming provides a high quantity of nutritious and fresh quality food without depending on climate changes and does not require much water and skilled labor.

The Smart Greenhouse Market research report titled “Smart Greenhouse Market by Type, Component, End User and Geography – Global Forecast to 2026.

Rough Brothers, Inc., Argus Control Systems Limited, GreenTech Agro LLC, Nexus Corporation, and Certhon are the top-notch five companies in the Smart Greenhouse Market.

In the smart greenhouse geography market, Europe is leading. On the other hand, Asia Pacific has registered the highest CAGR rate in the market due to the factors such as the rise in the population, leading to the increasing demand for food and increasing burden on the farmers for high production.

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The report consists of 96 Tables and 66 charts depicting the in-depth market study and the impact analysis of COVID-19. View detailed TOC here.

Smart Greenhouse Market by Type

  • Hydroponic 
  • Non-Hydroponic

Smart Greenhouse Market by Component

  • HVAC Systems
  • LED Grow Lights
  • Irrigation System
  • Valves & Pumps
  • Sensor & Control System 
  • Others

Smart Greenhouse Market by End-Use

  • Commercial Growers
  • Research & Educational Institutes
  • Retail Gardens
  • Others

Smart Greenhouse Market by Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World

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