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Medical Equipment Maintenance Market worth $60.16 billion in 2026

July, 2020

" COVID-19 Impact on Medical Equipment Maintenance market, size, share, growth, and forecast 2020-2026 "

Medical equipment maintenance is the process of maintaining the equipment condition as well as preserving the equipment. Medical equipment need to get repaired regularly and upgraded according to the advanced technology. The primary factor driving the medical equipment maintenance market is the preventive maintenance of the devices, which includes the scheduled maintenance services of the equipment to avoid the high-cost repairs in the future and ensures the safety as well as the working condition of the device. Somehow, the survival of the vendors in the uncategorized and competitive market is the major challenge for the market.

In addition, the increasing innovations in the offering of the services offer the opportunity for the medical equipment maintenance market for growth. The increase in the preference of multi-vendor contracts in which the competition is reduced and makes purchase cheap and faster is the present market trend in the medical equipment maintenance market.

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The research report is titled “Medical Equipment Maintenance Market by Device, by Service Type, by Service Provider, by End User and Geography - Forecast to 2026provides an in-depth analysis of key factors influencing the growth of Medical Equipment Maintenance Market.

The top five key players in the Medical Equipment Maintenance Market as follows GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, Koninklijke Philips N.V, Canon Inc., and Fujifilm Holdings Corporation. This offers an in-depth analysis of the market competitors, key challenges facing the market, and rising opportunities.

Geographically, North America is the major contributor in the market growth with the well-equipped hospitals, advanced medical equipment, and awareness of the quality of healthcare in this region drive the market growth. Another region contributing to market growth is Asia Pacific, where the increased number of patients gives the scope for quality care in the healthcare sector.

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The report consists of 120+ Tables and 80+ charts depicting the in-depth market study and the impact analysis of COVID-19 by Vendor name. The scope of the study can be illustrated as:

  • The market categories based on Device Type covered under study are:
    • Imaging Equipment
      • Advanced Imaging Modalities 
        • CT
        • MRI
        • Other Advanced Medical Imaging Modalities
      • Primary Imaging Modalities
        •  Digital X-Ray
        • Ultrasound
        • Other Primary Medical Imaging Modalities
      • Electromedical Equipment
    • Endoscopic Devices
    • Surgical Instruments
    • Other Medical Equipment
      • Life Support Devices
      • Dental Equipment
  • Service type market categories covered under the study are:
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Corrective Maintenance
    • Operational Maintenance
  • The market categories based on the service provider, covered under the study include:
    • Original Equipment Manufacturers
      • Multi-Vendor OEMs
      • Single-Vendor OEMs            
    • Independent Service Organizations
    • In-House Maintenance
  • End-user categories covered in the study include:
    • Public Organizations
    • Private Organizations
  • Geographic segments of the study are:
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Rest of the World
  • Competitive landscape covering key players in the market.

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