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Infoholic Research Steps into Chemical Market Research & Consulting

August, 2016

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After successful conduct in market research and consulting of Technology, Infoholic Research now starts its operation in Chemical niche market. laboratory


Infoholic Research, a global ICT market research and consulting organization has started its new operation expanding its specialty into Chemical market research segment. This development came as a result with the massive demand the chemical domain imposes in the present market.

The estimation of chemical products market, which is expected to grow to $ 6.22 trillion by 2035 gives the clear indication why market research in this segment is inevitable. From continuous improvement in current products and materials to preserving the environment, chemical market is surging to a new horizon. Diverse products that falls in the ambit of chemical niche encompasses food, fuel, medicine, textile and fabric, paint, home decor items and myriad other.

“Global chemicals market is watching big change in the dynamics. Once dominating U.S. in bulk chemicals market came back strongly with the development in shale gas extraction technology, challenging the low cost production in Middle East and Asia-Pacific owing to their cheap feedstock and labour rates respectively. The competition projection is even more delicate with steep decline in crude oil prices and making crude oil based petrochemical production more competitive even for European players.

Specialty chemicals are still being dominated by developed economies with U.S. covering close to 35% market share followed by Europe. However, increasing innovation in China, Japan and South Korea, coupled with increasing adoption rate of premium products due to fast economic growth in Asian countries is catching fast with developed counterparts.”- K. R. Sreenivasan, CEO Infoholic Research

Indian chemical industry start can be related with 20KT naphtha cracker establishment in Mumbai during the mid-sixties. Although there were small polymerization units present in India prior to that, they were largely dependent on imported monomers. Since then, India has come a long way to hold around 35 million tons of chemical production capacity. A major boost to Indian chemical industry came after liberalization and a series of plants installations began. Today, India has enough capacity to suffice domestic demand for the majority of chemicals considering the examples of basic aliphatic monomers and solvent intermediates among others. Today, Indian chemical industry, which accounts for around 16% of GDP, is the third largest producer in Asia and the eighth largest producer in the world with the high dominance of agrochemical and polymer production.

However, the Indian market still has insufficient capacities for the basic aromatic monomers, common polymers, fibers, and intermediates. Indian market demand for speciality chemicals still relies on imports directly or indirectly. In terms of chemical manufacturing output, India is still far behind its Asian peers of Korea, Malaysia, Japan, and China. The scenario is expected to change in the coming years with government initiatives and huge investments coming in. Indian market is transforming and is expected to lead the global market in the coming years.

Research reports by Infoholic Research promises to deliver high value market trends and forecast based on company’s in-house expertise of highly qualified Analysts and participation from key players in chemical domain. In-depth analysis of the chemical product-segments, quality analysis of final products and yearly sales will feature with appropriate details in the reports. Ranging from products to market impact parameters, the reports will also lay out an intuitive global as well as regional footprints.

In conjunction with generating syndicate research reports, Infoholic Research will offer consultation services to companies catering their specific needs. This will include end-to-end consultation and exploring new market spaces based on primary as well as secondary research. Backed by ground breaking research methodologies, tools, experienced researchers and a strong team working in several locations of the world, Infoholic Research unleashes the ground level details on gamut of factors necessary to bring the best in its research and consulting delivery.

“With focus on niche chemical markets, we not only would be covering the market trends and forecasts, but also would be providing in-depth analysis of drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities after considering all the surrounding parameters impacting market. These parameters include, but not limited to customer preferences and ongoing change in present and potential applications, upcoming technologies, regulation changes, and political evolution. Our premium analysis would be aimed to help all the stakeholders in specific chemicals market via providing customer behaviour details to optimize and strategize the procurement and production plans or helping in making informed decision for investment in businesses /ventures or analyse the market trends and understand the impact on overall ecosystem to estimate the future demands among many others.”- Ankur Kalra, Chemical Market Research Analyst, Infoholic Research

The company understands the challenges that effect the whole chemical industry value chain and puts up highly relevant information for companies to deal with these constraints. In addition, understanding and collaborating with clients and customer together plus working in an application-driven environment gives Infoholic access to refined inputs for proper SWOT analysis. With such vital reports and accurate forecasts, the company promises to generate value for its clients and offer boost to sustain in the competitive business scenario.

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