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Chlorine Dioxide is Increasing Market Penetration in Developing Countries Owing to Environmental Benefits

November, 2016

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Bangalore, India: With its recently published study, “Chlorine Dioxide Market: Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, & Forecasts: 2015–2022”, Infoholic forecasts that the global chlorine dioxide market will continue to witness high growth owing to not only heavy demand from pulp bleaching industry, but also from relatively smaller contributing industries such as water disinfectant and chemical intermediary among others. The chlorine dioxide market is expected to witness growth from developing countries with improving environmental guidelines, limiting the usage of elementary chlorine. The changing market dynamics is expected to increase chlorine dioxide market at a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period 2016–2022.

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The environmental benefit of chlorine dioxide over elemental chlorine would enable the continued dominance in wood pulp bleaching industry across the globe. Owing to consistent demand from paper industry for wood, pulp bleaching is expected to maintain its segmental market dominance in chlorine dioxide market during the forecast period as well. Water disinfection applications are expected to increase during the forecast period with relatively higher growth expectation from developing countries. However, the physical properties of chlorine dioxide such as toxicity and potential explosive nature are expected to limit the market growth during the forecast period.

Asia Pacific region has been a leader in global demand for chlorine dioxide market with leading developing markets of China and India whereas North America and Europe are following closely. Asia Pacific region is expected to extend its global leadership with relatively high demand growth expectations from its leading developing countries.

Chlorine dioxide has been utilized since early 19th century and over the years its advantages have resulted in consistent market growth. Environmental concerns and stringent regulatory framework have led to almost total replacement of elemental chlorine by chlorine dioxide and making way for disinfectant applications. Toxicity and flammability of the gas have resulted in stringent handling guidelines and limited usage of chlorine dioxide in drinking water treatment, however, industrial application area is still underutilized and has the potential to grow at very high rate. We are expecting good growth of chlorine dioxide market during the next 5–7 years which is expected to increase diversification in application industries.” – Ankur Kalra, Research Manager, Chemicals and Materials.

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Key insights of the report

  • Global chlorine dioxide market has been analyzed based on application areas

    • Wood Pulp Bleaching

    • Disinfection

      • Drinking Water Disinfection

      • Other Disinfection

    • Others (such as industrial and chemical intermediary)

  • Global chlorine dioxide market has also been analyzed based on geography

    • Asia Pacific

    • North America

    • Europe

    • Rest of the World

  • Industry outlook: market trends and drivers, restraints, and opportunities

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