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Wearable devices in Construction Industry

January, 2019

Construction industry is one of the industries where IoT and digitalization had sluggish growth. However, features such as data storage, remote access and office-field data exchange and are not new to the construction industry. Construction industry is witnessing an increase in the number of wearable devices.  IoT with wearable smart devices is expected to change the construction industry in terms of monitoring performance level and better connectivity. In construction industry wearable devices could provide proper communication during emergency issues and could improve the safety of the end-user.

Some of the major wearables available in the market are Spot-r by Triax, DAQRI Smart Helmet, Redpoint Safety Vests, XOEye Smart Glasses, Google glass, and Moy Wristband Controller. SmartCap technologies is a manufacturer of fatigue monitoring solutions, and is based in Australia. The company’s fatigue monitoring solution is a wearable device which prevents microsleeps seen in truck drivers and heavy equipment operators by providing alertness. Spot-R clips by Triax Technologies has push-button alerts which could be used by workers to signal supervisors and managers if they’re injured, for attention. Project managers can assign the Spot-R clips in such as a way that they can track who is using a piece of equipment. Spot-R also has features like site-wide evacuation which alerts workers if they need to evacuate.


Safety is a growing segment in the construction industry with more companies coming up with IoT enabled wearable devices for ensuring worker safety. IoT-linked wearables, helps to make the site safer for workers by using sensors to ensure that the infrastructure is working properly. It also makes tracking of labor hours easier for the contractor. There is a huge potential for wearables in the construction industry. Companies are focusing on developing safety vests which can monitor heart rate and would asses slip and falls of workers to analyse the impact and likelihood of injury.

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– Arjun Das, 
Senior Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research