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Smart Home Security Solutions – Integration of Audio Analytics

February, 2019

The Smart Home Security Solutions have emerged as a necessity rather than a luxury due to rise in crime rate across the globe. This has resulted in home security business growing significantly in recent years supported by easy availability of low-cost wireless technologies, smart home technologies and always-on broadband services. Some of the commercially available smart home security solutions include:

  • Nest Cam – a security camera that can provide live high definition video streaming (HD) to phone or tablet 24/7. It is also enabled with motion and sound alerts, night vision, digital zoom features for detecting intruders.

  • Arlo Pro (Netgear) – a 130-degree HD security camera that comes with central receiver. It is a wireless device that can be connected to Wi-Fi networks and provides enhanced home security. It has an integrated two-way audio that allows user’s listen to the audio picked up by camera and to talk back through to the other side.

  • iSmartAlarm – a fully automated device that features switches, cameras, sensors and remote tags that can be integrated based on customer’s need. This enables customer to leverage customer security measures at home. It can push notifications for the activities including break-in detection and real-time monitoring through the associated App.

Considering the availability of these Smart Home Security Systems, the integration of audio data / analytics is still an emerging trend in home security systems. Leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, service providers have developed products that can assess the environment based on audio inputs. For instance, cameras capable of detecting sounds including gunshots or breaking glass or aggressive behaviour, add an additional capability to security systems. It can autonomously generate alerts to minimise dire consequences. Furthermore, there are systems integrated with audio analytics that can identify the visitor based on “knocking sound” and alert the owner. These systems enhance the level of security by autonomously detecting the threat and generating alerts. This helps in quick reaction and minimises the consequences.

Conclusion: As data analytics becomes a key component in home security systems, home owners can expect sophisticated product offerings from vendors that provide higher levels of autonomy in secure access and minimizing risk. Moving ahead, audio and video analytics will become converge to enable better monitoring and enhanced home security.

– Mr. Rahul Kumar Pandey 
Research Analyst
Infoholic Research