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Security Breaches - Likely to Continue With The Growing Technology

July, 2018

What is Security Breach?

Security Breach is the illegal access of data present on the devices, servers or networks by bypassing the security policies and practices which eventually results in the data leakage.

Security Breaches are often termed as data loss or leakage when it is related to businesses, organizations, companies, government institutions that have access to confidential information such as phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, identities, financial information etc.

Need for the Small Firms to Secure Data:

Many small firm owners think that they will not be prone to security breaches by the hackers because they believe their transactions values are lesser as compared to the larger firms. But this is not true as it takes very less effort for hackers to break the security system of a smaller firm due to the lack of awareness and skill set of their IT teams. For smaller firms, the consequence is even more dire as the breach not only results in the loss of data but leaves their customers highly dissatisfied as well as possible data frauds in the future.

It is important for every business may it be a small or large enterprise to make its IT infrastructure as secure as possible. It is important for firms to deploy security software and solutions and update the software regularly and educate their employees about the consequences on the use of unauthorized content on company devices.

Artificial Intelligence in Security Breach:

With growing digitization, there is an increase in number of digital threats and cybercrimes that are more complex and faster compared to the defences that are designed to prevent them. Various new and complex types of attacks are being unleashed by hackers, which are finding vulnerabilities within IT system.  With advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning (ML), security providers are offering solutions that can help in threat detection more accurately and can find the advanced threats which might go undetected. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will automate the underlying complex process used for detecting threats and responding to breaches.

Artificial Intelligence can evaluate various traffic patterns and system logs within networks and can assess different actions triggered at servers or firewalls. With this available information, AI can detect abnormalities such as the number of attempts for passwords which failed, or the huge amount of data being moved to servers in different regions or countries. With AI, in security now security breaches will be thought of unavoidable rather than something which can be avoided. With AI, the emphasis is changing from prevention to proactive defence.

Some of the Well-Known Cases:

The most highlighted cases of data leakage include: Yahoo, eBay, Uber, Equifax, JP Morgan Chase, US voter registration database, Sony's PlayStation Network, RSA Security, Stuxnet, Home Depot, Panama Papers and the Adobe.

With growing digitization and the adoption of technologies , the number of cyber-attacks as well as malwares are also increasing, with the use of Artificial intelligence and its applications like machine learning, enterprises can know detect the threats in well advance and more accurately.

– Sonam Chawla
ICT Market Research Analyst
Infoholic Research