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Machine Vision Market

October, 2018

Introduction - Machine vision is a key technology which replaces/ complement the manual inspections in industrial environment. An ideal machine vision system encompasses various technologies such as optics, lighting, software and other automation technologies. Four main aspects of machine vision operations include imaging, processing & analysis communication and action. Some of the key application areas of machine vision technology used in industrial environment includes locate, measure, inspect and identify.

  • Locate - The purpose of machine vision systems is to lactate the object/material and report its alignment and position

  • Measure – The purpose of machine vision systems is to measure the physical dimensions of an object/material

  • Inspect - The purpose of machine vision systems is to authenticate various features of the focus object, such as presence or absence of labels, seals, defects, and others

  • Identify – The purpose of machine vision systems is to read and report numbers and texts such as alphanumeric characters and codes in the focus objects or finished goods.

Market Dynamics

Due to stringent regulations and compliance requirements manufacturing entities across various industry verticals are focusing on setting up strategic goals to deliver higher quality standards. In order to achieve this organisations are investing in automating various processes in manufacturing including assembly verification, measurement, and inspection, is the key factor contributing to the of machine vision market. Furthermore, growing focus on increasing productivity by automating repetitive task which are traditionally done manually is accelerating demand for machine vision systems from manufacturing sector. Additionally, increasing investment on factory automation solutions across regions is fuelling the growth of machine vision market, as machine vision is one of the key components of the factory automation solutions. However, lack of awareness about the machine vision technology from costing and ROI perspective, as well as complexities in integrating machine vision technology in the existing infrastructure, are identified as key restraints likely to deter the progression of global machine vision market.

Components on Machine Vision

The global industrial machine vision market can be segmented into product type, and end user vertical.

  • Product Type:

    • Lighting

    • Optics

    • Camera

    • Frame Grabber

    • Processing devices

    • Software & Others

  • End

    • Hardware

  • End User Verticals

    • Automotive

    • Consumer Goods

    • Pharmaceutical

    • Healthcare

    • Electronics & Semiconductor

    • Machinery

    • Packaging & Logistics

    • Steel and mining

    • Food & Beverages

    • Others

Competitive Landscape

Some of the key players present in the global machine vision market includes Cognex Corporation, Omron Corporation, Keyence Corporation, Baumer, Basler AG, Festo Group, Delta Electronics, Inc., Datalogic S.p.A., Panasonic Corporation, and EPIC MACHINE VISION SYSTEMS.

- Delsingh Bright,
Market Research Analyst
Infoholic Research