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Integrated Command and Control Center

May, 2019

integrated command and control centre

Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC), as the name suggests is the control center that integrates information from all the devices and departments using Information communication and technology (ICT). This center acts as a human brain as it collects data and analysis data from a center point. It is a backbone of an information technology (IT). Analysis is done by the business intelligence tools that is used to process all the data and generate insights to act upon.  ICCC helps in smart cities to manage incidents and support decision making system.

The ICCC acts as a single source for all government related smart activities and help in synergising disaster management platforms and teams. It collects data from surveillance cameras, smart sensors across city such as smart poles, flood alarms, drain alarms, environmental pollution related readings and other sensors that trace activities of terrorism and man-made destructions.

This helps in increasing efficiency in delivery of government services through efficiently managing and timely delivery of public resources such as water, electricity. Health services and education services can also be managed by ICCC. Public transportation, or disruptions due to accidents/ thefts/ terrorist activities can be managed better and help in city surveillance. Natural calamities such as storms/ Tsunami, earthquakes cause lot of damage and create obstacles for emergency services. ICCC helps in managing disaster management services and synergizes police, ambulance, fire truck services and brings them to one platform to provide services more efficiently.

ICCC integrates citizen centric services by collaborating various government systems such as surveillance system, smart traffic management, waste management, utilities management, environmental sensors, public information system, (variable message boards, public address systems, kiosks, etc) into a single platform. In transportation, the platform helps in building last mile connectivity efficiently.

ICCC is an important tool for developing and high populous countries such as India to manage public services better

- Sishir Naren
ICT - Research Analyst
Infoholic Research