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Evonik Merges its Personal Care and Household Products with Oleo Chemistry

October, 2018

Evonik forms its new care solution business line, owing to the merger of its personal care and household business line with its associated oleo chemistry platform. Aiming to be the leading provider of innovative solutions in personal care and household care products market. The new line which roughly employs 1,250 people is expected to be launched by early 2019.

The firm expects an effective customer relationship as it aims to provide more innovative products, leaner processes owing to the reorganization. The firm has worked parallelly with various business lines, reorganization will help them have effective and efficient working.

The process is expected to be more efficient owing to the reorganization. Evonik would be withdrawing its participation from Milton Keynes (UK) site in 2019 and Granollers (Spain) in 2020. Also, the Care Solutions Business Line will be withdrawing from German sites in Hanau and Schlüchtern, owing to the merger of two business line.

About Evonik: Evonik is an industrial corporation company based in Germany. The company is one of the largest specialty chemicals company in the world, owned by RAG Foundation. It came into existence on 12 September 2007 because of restructuring of the mining and technology group RAG. The company has involved in chemicals, energy and real estate of RAG. The company has most of its revenue come from specialty chemicals business around 80% of sales in areas in which it holds leading market positions.

Oleo Chemistry: Oleo chemistry is the study of animal oils and fats and vegetable oils. Oleochemicals derived from petrochemical feedstocks or from fats and oils through modifications or transformation are utilized in the making of soaps and other personal and household products.  It is also utilized in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other various industries.

– Vasundhra Singh,
Assistant Research Executive,
Infoholic Research