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Evolution of IoT in construction industry

December, 2018

Construction industry is one of the industries where IoT and digitalization had sluggish growth. However, the industry is gaining attention among major IoT solution providers and is expected to witness increasing investments in IoT in the forecasted period. Many companies are focusing on areas such as GPS tracking, reduced machine hours and fuel consumption for IoT implementation.

Things are expected to become more sophisticated during the forecast period with more emphasis on construction vehicle telematics and operational parameters including fluid temperature and pressure gauges in construction machineries. IoT with wearables smart is expected to change the construction industry in terms of monitoring performance level and better connectivity. In construction industry wearable devices could provide seamless communication during emergency issues and could improve the safety of the end-user.

Construction industry is expected to witness more developments with construction equipment getting sensors which could remotely monitor issues like temperature fluctuations. When any issue is noticed, workers are alerted, and it is solved as soon as possible eliminating any possible failure of critical equipment. This could be considered as one of the instances of predictive maintenance used for preventing unnecessary delays in construction projects.


IoT is expected to become a major component of construction 4.0. Construction 4.0 includes focus on three main areas - usage of robots in repetitive and dangerous sites, highly advanced production including prefabrication and complete digitalization of construction sites with better telemetry, machines and equipment with BIM models and increased use of drones for surveying. Drones can provide information regarding ground control points and helps to provide orthophotos, for providing high standards in aerial mapping. However, there are threats related to cybersecurity which the construction companies will have to manage on implementing IoT solutions. When construction companies deploy IoT solutions, companies which provides these solutions collect data from various sources and store it in their cloud network for processing.  This is a threat to the privacy and creates a risk of security breach in the cloud network.

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– Arjun Das, 
Senior Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research