Market Updates

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

June, 2018

Medical imaging is expected to roll out wide offering to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to quest accurate, pro-active and complete patient care. this is primarily due to the digitalisation of medial data.

“ Digital transformation has affected many industries and healthcare is one of the leading digitalising having significant improvement in both quality and efficiency “

Today, medical imaging is expected to obtain more accurate detailed diagnosis of anatomical using advanced technology available. In 1960s the only technology available for breast imaging was palpation, and today we have 3D ultrasound, digital tomosynthesis, positron-emission, and X-ray mammography.

(AI) artificial intelligence, in medical imaging is going to leverage the current available technologies into a different level and capture the imagination of radiologists and physician’s attention for adopting AI to give perfect diagnosis. This paradigm shift in working of clinicians with AI will significantly boost the workflow efficiency and at the same time improve care and patient data. Further, by integration of ERM software and other medical data storage about patients will solve the present problem of overload of too much patient information that is faced by clinicians and physicians. Having patient information data (HIS) hospital information system, will allow physicians to link through the large volume of data and help to be actionable. This will help the healthcare facilities to increase the patient volumes, value for services, lower reimbursement, and adopt bundled payments methods for better healthcare services.

“AI will have a significant impact as it will augment the ability of physician and radiologists to diagnose and provide specific information about the medical condition. The information collected by the AI will help to display medical history promptly without any delay and fasten the diagnose and treatment process to overcome time.”

- Azhar
Market Research Analyst(Healthcare)
Infoholic Research