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Rising Focus on Advanced Machine Condition Monitoring Solutions in Manufacturing Sector

February, 2019

Industrial Internet of things (IIOT) solutions are transforming the manufacturing sector in terms of operational efficiency. Globally, manufacturers are focusing on incorporating IoT-enabled solutions to improve production efficiency. Traditional conditional monitoring practices involves capturing measurements in a standardised repetitive process by taking measurements of key head components one by one, which costs companies time, money, and the acquired data is prone to errors. Hence companies have started focusing on deploying IoT empowered sensor structure and voice of the machine industrial software which enhances the condition monitoring process to reduce downtime, decrease maintenance costs and to improve efficiency.

Today’s, IIoT voice of machine platforms enables machines to communicate with each other, which is integrated with the management systems that consolidate data to offer visibility into critical components as well as provides warning indications. These IIoT plaforms are designed with specific set of standards, principles and best practices to provide value through interoperability and to deliver consistent user experience. These advanced IIOT platforms are increasingly becoming the part of the digital factory component enabling advanced predictive maintenance capabilities.

Industries with High Demand for IoT Solutions



Moving forward, manufacturers across verticals will move towards IoT based solutions for factory monitoring. Moreover, IoT technology reached the point where it can deliver significant value addition across various industrial applications.

– Del Singh Bright,
 Market Research Analyst
Infoholic Research