Four Wall


What is Infoholic Four Wall?

Infoholic Four Wall offers a unique, distinguishable process of identifying major players/vendors in the market for a particular segment. It is a culmination of research for a market/product/service/solution, giving a holistic view of relative positions of competitors in the market. Here, the differentiation comes from the fact that analysis is done on four major parameters, i.e., Business Strategy, Market Growth, Innovation, and End-user Survey Results.

Each player, by measuring on the above-mentioned parameters, has been given a specific position on the wall. Each of the four walls provides a unique positioning of the players. The walls have been strategically named in a certain way to identify the positioning of the said player. The idea is to fairly place each player on the parameters that have been put across.

  • Emergers - The first wall represents niche and small players. These players are either new to the market or have just plunged into that particular segment (with limited revenue). These players have the penchant for dominating the market.
  • Climbers - The second wall represents players with more revenue than the "Emergers" and have been in the market for longer than them with greater revenue and market share. These players have a certain understanding of the market but have not yet achieved total dominance.
  • Dominions - The third wall is a representation of the players who have a great vision and have executed their strategy well. They have a long-term focus that gives them a competitive edge.
  • Vendor Landscape - The fourth wall representation is based on end-users' input (CXOs level) across regions. This has been achieved through a set of questionnaires and telephonic interviews with respective strategic decision-makers.

Infoholic Four Wall Advantage:

Owning "Infoholic Four Wall" gives the user an insight into the competitive market through major parameters and additional perspectives leading to higher impact on business growth. The vendors can use this representation on their page or in internal strategic meetings for analysis and decision making.


  • Evaluate market/product/service across the globe in each vertical.
  • Identify all major/niche/small vendors that best fit your business requirement.
  • Evaluate end-users to understand their pain points and accordingly provide a recommendation.


  • Validate the vendor's competitive position through our unique and rigorous method.
  • Provide vendors an unbiased view through end-users' eyes.
  • Gain mindshare with your customers and prospects.

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