It has become imperative to stay agile in the fiercely competitive and dynamic telco environment. The telecommunication and IT landscape is fast-changing thanks to the user demand to stay connected. The most prominent factors responsible for the boom in this industry are market competition and innovative use of advanced technology.

To harness a stronghold in this market, a holistic view of the telecommunication ecosystem is crucial. Telecom Service Providers (TSP), Internet Service Providers (ISP), Solution Providers (SP), and System Integrators (SI) have become the building blocks of value added services. High speed mobile internet connection and an engaging digital infrastructure have become vital to fulfil the diversified needs of enterprises, SMEs, governments and individual customers. A steep increase in the use of mobile apps, social networking platforms, search engines, mobile payments is helping to support consumer demand for mobile value-added services. According to Global mobile statistics 2011, there were 5.3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. This number translates to 77% of the entire global population. The telecommunication market is closely intertwined with the entertainment industry as well. A popular cable TV vendor has started offering high-speed internet and telephone facility to its cable TV subscribers. On the other hand, a giant telecom firm is offering TV entertainment via internet, bridging the gap between telecommunication and television. So, it is evident that the telecom industry is growing at a manic pace and has become a crucial part of the economy globally.

Infoholic Research has extensive market coverage in this industry providing exemplary depth into the most important areas of telecommunication and IT that helps clients make informed and intelligent decisions. Our exclusive reports on mobile networks, innovation, data and voice network, wireless and satellite communication, and several other sub sectors of this market will help you:

  • Devise a product development plan to align it to the dynamic mobile market
  • Gain clarity on your product positioning
  • Assess your go-to-market approach
  • Draw up value-added services
  • Be prepared and deal with market disruptions
  • Evaluate the opportunities for mobile services and much more

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