The telecommunication landscape is fast-changing, driven by user demand to stay connected and mobility-centric services attracting mainstream attention. Prominent factors, including the innovative use of advanced technologies, vendors investing to gain a competitive edge, and end-user demand for value-added services, will continue to drive the telecommunications market.

To gain a stronghold in this highly dynamic market, a holistic view of the telecommunication ecosystem is crucial, with functional expertise of Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operations Support Systems (OSS) gaining critical importance. Telecom Service Providers (TSP) are faced with increasing complexity from the sheer addition of end-user devices, growing networks, and high-speed bandwidth requirements. TSPs can longer afford to operate in silos as connectivity is central to digital transformation, emerging technologies, and business models. Among the key factors influencing the telecom ecosystem, a few high impact trends are listed below:

  • Connecting the unconnected – rural population across developing countries to become digitally connected to foster economic growth
  • Internet of Everything (IoE) – more than 25 billion devices to become connected by 2025, with growth pace shifting from Consumer IoT to Industrial IoT
  • Accelerating innovation from the automotive sector – connected and autonomous vehicles gaining significant momentum and investment
  • Dynamic content delivery models – media, broadcasting, gaming, and content delivery witnessing unprecedented traction from evolving user base demanding immersive experience

High-speed connectivity and agile digital infrastructure have become vital to fulfil the diversified needs of enterprises, SMEs, governments, and individual customers. A steep increase in the use of mobile apps, social networking platforms, search engines, mobile payments is helping to support consumer demand for mobile value-added services. From a consumer perspective, the expanse of connectivity has given rise to newer business models to monetize end-user demand, including micro-loans, nano-credits, and emergency airtime.

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