Cybersecurity and physical security management are a growing concern for organizations across all verticals. The ever-evolving cybercrime scenario has currently become the biggest threat for global governments and organizations due to the increasing complexity of attacks. Growing impetus on safeguarding identity, credential, data, and cyberspace has attributed to the growth of the organizations working in this sphere. There is a growing demand for stringent regulations and security solutions for organizations to safeguard their critical infrastructure from advanced threats, including ransomware, APTs, DDoS, spear-phishing, Zero-day, and others.

Seamless integration of software and hardware is the focus for organizations working toward providing these solutions. Technology has invaded into physical security space as well where the threat has evolved to sophisticated levels and securing perimeters, individuals, landmarks are a priority. End-user organizations will continue to invest in security and increasingly rely on Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) rather than managing in-house. IT service providers are investing in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to cater to the growing demand for offerings that are centrally managed with customized real-time threat mitigation solutions for better governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

The growing demand for IoT and permeating host of devices are gradually shifting the focus from securing IT to industrial infrastructure. As the gap between IT and OT converges, securing these environments will gain importance with the role of CIOs and CTOs expanding to accommodate these changes.

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