Infrastructure Networking & Data centres (IND)

The digital business today is driven by infrastructure and operations. It has become imperative to embrace digital transformation in enterprise processes to drive growth.

Data centers have become crucial components of I&O and will continue to drive infrastructure spend worldwide.

The major drivers in this segment are:

  • Cabling infrastructure
  • Storage modernization
  • Storage back-up
  • Internet connectivity
  • Disaster recovery and more

The IT industry is currently incubating more disruptive technologies than sustaining technologies. These disruptive technologies include software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined storage, network function virtualization, extremely low-energy processors, and webscale-integrated infrastructure.

Emerging technologies such as hyper-converged integrated systems and storage technologies based on software-defined storage would eventually replace the traditional ECB storage market. With an increased focus on mobility and big data activities globally, software-defined networking (SDN) is heading for rapid growth. Therefore, enterprise networking will continue to be one of the biggest segments within the IT infrastructure market.

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