Health and Hygiene

health and hygiene

Health & Wellness is now a symbol of status among consumers who prioritize to maintain a well-balanced physical & mental health. The world is currently experiencing a phenomenon where health is creeping into all aspects of consumer life and experience. Big multinational brands have started noticing the shift toward products with embedded health benefits; products that are well designed, desirable, and accessible. There is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to meet the needs of health-focused consumers.

Direct-to-consumer products & services are particularly ripe for disruption. A broad range of traditional and non-traditional healthcare players are diversifying their offerings in consumer health. Advancements in science & technology allow increased personalization of medical care. Global consumers are more open to a broader set of health & wellness solutions, including non-traditional treatments. New players and partnerships are exploring platforms in consumer health and wellness, creating innovative solutions and expanding the definition of the space. The wellness industry is segregated into beauty care, nutrition, body & mind health, and spa visits among others.

Latest trends in the health and hygiene industry: (1) Wellness tourism. (2) Anti-aging solutions. (3) Healthy diet. (4) Workplace wellness. (5) Hyper-personalized healthcare. (6) Fitness festivals.

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