Polyethylene and plastics have become a symbol of petrochemicals for the common man. However, as far as the industry is concerned, the chemicals produced from petroleum products (naphtha, natural gas, and coal) are commonly termed as petrochemicals. Traditionally, the market has been heavily dependent on crude oil naphtha for the production of petrochemicals, while other options were posing financial challenges. However, in the past two decades, changing global scenarios have shown the profitability balance shifting and moving toward other petroleum options. Crude oil price variation, shale gas exploration, and natural resources availability, coupled with the ease of extractions, have played a vital role in shaping this trend at the macro level.

The players in the industry are adapting to the changes while keeping themselves afloat and adding value to consumer products. The companies are embracing technological changes and making relevant improvisations. The production companies in different regions are continuously evolving to adapt to the available limitations and yet remain competitive in the fast-changing global market. Our in-house experts and industry participants are continuously gathering information and bringing different solutions to a single platform for our customer's advantage.

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