Adhesive & Sealants

adhesive sealants

The adhesive & sealants industry has witnessed many technological changes in the past. The sector, which was once dependent on natural chemicals, now depends heavily on synthetic chemicals that provide better adhesion and weathering properties, effectively increasing the benefits and reducing the consumer expenditure. This industry has mostly remained as a hidden market within the industrial market with a relatively smaller exposure to retail consumers. The changing market requirements and increasing R&D have enabled various changes in the industry.

The competitive scenario has also adapted and resulted in the categorical consolidation of the companies. Many organizations have focused on specific segments within adhesives & sealants and have been evolving themselves to improve and provide better chances for innovation benefits to customers. Conductive adhesive is a classic example where improved product enabled the technological changes in the consumer industry, helping in the miniaturization of commonly used products (smartphones, tablets, thinner PCs, and many more).

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