Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends

October, 2018

Digital marketing experts must be on their toes to compete in this dynamic marketing scene. The scope of success depends on how businesses market their products be it going online or keeping up with the latest trends to survive the challenges of digital marketing.

Here are the top digital marketing trends employed by companies


Chatbots have been around for some time now. The specialized combination of voice, text and messaging makes this technology so successful. The ability to answer the user’s queries accurately and quickly while constantly improvising and learning through their interaction with the users is its plus point.

The information collected from the users makes this tech more efficient and responsive way to deal with customers. Plus, it’s a more cost-effective solution than hiring customer relations staff.

Interactive voice searches

Compared to earlier times, where consumers were tied to a desktop for conducting searches, the proliferation of mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, notebooks etc.) has made the use of voice search and voice commands omnipresent.

While the growth of this technology is positive, there are a lot of business challenges. Voice searches will only display those search results that’s relevant and related answer to a query, unlike the regular search which will display multiple pages of results.

How does it affect the digital marketers? The answer is to optimize their content for voice searches using natural conversational languages. It’s also important to use keywords such as longer phrases or complete sentences. This helps both the users and makes it voice search friendly.

Blockchain technologies

Tracking and monitoring the marketing ads will be easy with the blockchain technology. The transparent nature of blockchain technology allows consumers better control on how their personal information should be used by the advertisers. With trust they will share more data in the future. This in turn helps companies and marketers to strategize based on their user’s insights.

AR/VR will go mainstream

Augmented reality (AR) has already impacted the gaming / entertainment medium with success stories like Pokémon Go. AR will make the jump to the level of an enterprise-grade solution rather than just being a toy or a productivity toll as it advances technically.

In industrial organizations where technicians are forced to operate in harsh environments, AR allows them to complete their jobs safely and efficiently. Using AR based headsets and devices, they can to perform tasks without needing to physically access an asset. BY capturing real-time data captured via IoT and using analytics, they can not only reduces downtime, but also greatly mitigates the safety hazards facing workers every day.

Power of Ads

In any digital marketing campaign, ads will play a vital role to reach a targeted audience. Marketers are realizing the downward trend in the ads campaigns and need to rebuild their ad strategy.

One way is the run campaigns that have high specific objectives and content to attract the target audience. Mobile social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook will get a major boost.

Privacy will be center stage

Online hacking, data theft, phishing, stolen identities are all scaring away the potential customers. In fact, nearly half of the consumers drop their purchase decisions due the privacy concerns. Keeping the privacy concerns of the consumers in mind will benefit the marketers and should be a part of their digital marketing strategies.

– Shantha Kumari,
Sr. Technical Writer,
Infoholic Research