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Instagram Rolls Out New Feature For Less Data Usage

July, 2019

Are you facing any disruption to network socially? Now, you won’t!

Currently, the world is evolving based on the very famous saying by the Greek philosopher that change is the only constant in life. Technology is getting upgraded, new features are being introduced on apps only to make it better, user interface and experience are being made seamless with an extra layer of convenience; the entire digital experience is getting more suave and enhanced.

Instagram is the new app on the block that has taken the world by storm. Millennials are hooked to it day in day out, with updates on their fingertips about every facet of life. Interestingly, research indicates that approximately 34% of Instagram users comprise of millennials. Connectivity is the key element that is facilitating such continual engagement and a day without mobile data network might seem to be a heavy overcast. More than a meal today, data plans have become more valuable. Needless to say, to access that data, the internet speed shouldn’t be a spoilsport. Both comes hand in hand.

How important is Instagram for Users?

9 years in the market now, Instagram has attained a level of popularity that is inexplicable. A core entertainment element for users across the globe, it has only become better year-on-year with added features, and enhancements. Owned by Facebook, Inc., this sensation has been at the core of social networks with a whopping 1 billion monthly active users (and counting), out of which this platform is used by more than 500 million people daily. If an user is on Instagram for 53 minutes on an average in a day, just imagine the data consumed by 500 million people on a daily basis. Yes, that is why the connectivity should be continual and not get interrupted.

What is the New Thing now?

Instagram has introduced a new feature for less data consumption, explicitly for emerging markets where there are limited data plans and restricted internet speeds. This new add-on feature is designed to help users bring down the data usage rates on the platform, acting as a breather for markets where there is a control on the internet speeds. The few advantages that the user can avail through this feature is reduced image loading time, consequently data usage on the mobile getting minimised. Post enablement of this feature, the videos would not get be pre-loaded, thus restricting the download of high-resolution images, unless otherwise asked for. This new feature will make the user experience more seamless, in all probability pulling the user count up in slow-network areas. The overall impact of the introduction of this new feature is going to reflect in terms of increased market share in emerging geographies.

Why are such steps taken?

The smartphone users in India has encountered network congestion at different times. Although telecom providers in India have been trying hard to attract customers with cost-effective and sturdy data plans, yet the network speeds are often compromised. This leads to slow 4G download speeds, hampering the seamless experience of users on social networks. Thus, this effort by Instagram to ensure user convenience by limiting data usage is truly worth applauds! We are sure, more such convenience-driven features are on the block to make lives easier and happier.

- Kathakali Basu
Manager – Content Marketing & Strategy
Infoholic Research