Cross-Site Visibility – The Future of Manufacturing Supply Chain

June, 2018

The modern manufacturing supply chain is centred around globalization. Industry 4.0 shifts manufacturing away from analog and mechanical technologies and toward all things digital. The data collected from suppliers, customers and the enterprise for various sites of a manufacturing company must be aligned with detailed production information to provide manufacturers with a comprehensive and real-time analysis and here the Cross-Site Visibility comes into picture.

Need for Cross-Site Visibility

Most of the manufacturers are under constant pressure to reduce working capital while improving operational efficiency. Despite costly ERP systems investments many companies are struggling to identify actionable insights related to the specific supply chain challenges.

LeanDNA, announced the availability of new cross-site visibility that brings together all manufacturing sites into one dashboard, compatible with all major ERP systems. Till today supply chain views were limited to single sites. But with cross-site visibility manufacturers can identify various issues, opportunities related to the site.

Why Cross-Site Visibility in Supply Chain?

  • Cross-site collaboration can identify opportunities where excess inventory at one site can help alleviate shortages at a sister site.

  • Cross-site communication tools can help you roll up metrics across your entire supply chain and sites using standardized data.

  • Cross-Site Visibility helps in standardizing the best practices. This saves time, money, and helps ensure that the best possible work is being done at every site.

  • Cross-site analytics allows the team to see what other sites are paying for the same parts so that they can identify where they can get a better price.

  • Alerting systems can warn the team when PPV (purchase price variance) goes out of control so your team can run root-cause analysis to avoid future excessive spending.

  • In manufacturing its often seen that there are different ERP instances within the same company. Cross-site visibility helps to roll up all this disconnected data into one uniform platform.

  • One tool can talk to all the ERP systems and standardize cross-site data, this will save the time and money and further standardize processes within the organization.

"Applying analytics to data across multiple sites will drive an exponential increase in supply chain performance"

Advances in analytics allow manufacturers to see and interact across sites like never before. There are many benefits to this visibility – increased inventory savings, happier customers, and less stress.

Cross-site visibility analytics provide a single, aggregate data view of all sites that is updated dynamically. The new features also give the ability to manage vendor master data for real-time, comparable insights. It connects to every system, to provide analytics and create standardized work across all sites while delivering inventory analytics designed to maximize performance across the supply chain.

“Connecting the sites and standardizing their data using cross-site analytics is the future of manufacturing.”

Cross site visibility makes manufacturing and supply chain decisions simple with predictive analytics and proactive task recommendations. Integrating quickly and seamlessly with any ERP, the cloud-based platform enables supply chain leaders to reduce shortages, improve inventory turns, and gain visibility into today's most complex operations.

- Sonam Chawla
Market Research Analyst(ICT)
Infoholic Research