Chatbot Characteristics – That Should be Considered While Choosing Suitable Platform

July, 2019

Even though there are several chatbot development platforms in the market, there are only a few platforms that are flexible and for implementation. During the development of chatbot, it is necessary to weigh in many features depending on the business needs such as NLP, NLU, context mimicking different functions of human brain.

Chatbot characteristics which should be considered during implementation are mentioned below:

  • Security and Compliance: Every company have different security requirements that needs to be compliant with government regulations, so this is one of the important features to be considered during implementation of chatbot.

  • Intent Recognition: Intent recognition plays a major role in guessing the wrong phrased sentences and understanding what the user is asking for. This feature is important for reducing user frustration by enabling natural conversation.

  • Entity Recognition: Entity recognition is very necessary for understanding much complex and abstract commands. Entity recognition also refers to the data extraction task, which can identify places, dates, companies, cities and other types of entities.

  • Dialog Management: This feature enables the chatbot to have meaningful conversations with users by maintaining the flow of conversation, recalling and memorizing conversations history, which is needed to have an interaction like humans.

  • Task Automation Capability: This feature reduces the human involvement needed to complete the task, ensuring it can connect back to back end systems.

  • Humanization: Chatbots by portraying more like humans can engage more effectively with users.

  • Ease of Implementation: Few chatbot needs custom software development, while others offer companies to configure chatbot themselves.

  • Interaction Channels: Companies uses several channels to communicate with users, so selecting the chatbot platform which connects easily with channels (Messaging apps, social media) is very important.

  • Monitoring & Reporting: Chatbot platform should be able to tell about its performance and answer questions such as customer satisfaction, burden on contact center, etc.

– Sonam Chawla
ICT – Research Analyst
Infoholic Research