In the world of technological innovation, changes are evident and such changes need to be tracked to take strategic actions for business sustenance. Every aspect of the business tends to generate data these days, and they are extensive. Thus, it is important to monitor them, document them, and understand them through a cohesive compilation.

To assist in such a scenario, Infoholic Research provides comprehensive, accurate, and timely market data for various key industry verticals through its trackers, offering insightful data, specifically sorted by key segments. Looking at the market dynamism and consistent progression of the market, these trackers are updated on a bi-annual, quarterly, and monthly basis. Our clients have exhibited great reliance on the tracker data that has further supported them in strategic business decisions and visionary planning. These trackers are usually provided to clients in a user-friendly excel format and in the form of dashboard tool.

  • Reasons you need to have a market tracker:
  • Keep track of market happenings on a regular basis. This will allow you to design your strategy accordingly, even if they cannot be acted upon immediately.
  • Helps marketing and sales team to understand the region-wise market demand – stable vs. volatile.
  • Gives confidence in decision making when you have evidence-based data on: Who are the major manufacturers? What is their market share by region? etc.

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