Software Defined Everything- Latest Trends and Market Drivers

Business, people and process are driven by information that is siloed in different systems across the organization. As interlinking of all digital devices mandates the flow of information across every corner of the globe, the concept – Software Defined Everything has made it possible with seamless computing and management.

Software Defined Everything (SDE) is a super-set encompassing software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined storage (SDS), and software-defined data center (SDDC).

The Software-Defined Everything unleashes a virtual environment for management and development/upgradation of networking, storage devices and using data center infrastructure via intelligent software instead of hardware components of the infrastructure.

According to Infoholic Research, this technology market is surging and globally SD-WAN market is expected to touch $27.9 billion by 2022.

Current industry trends that are driving the software defined everything market:

Trend #1: Technology related flexibility

With the rapid growth in the software technology space, companies are considering flexibility as an inevitable aspect. Software defined everything helps to create a heterogeneous environment and helps to enhance the ability to work with diverse applications and systems from numerous software vendors.

Trend #2: Focus on services to enhance and differentiate product offerings

Software defined everything will help to deliver a comprehensive and complete solution that will help to create competitive differentiation. They allow companies to solve long term business problems and help drive more value to the customer.

Trend #3: Consolidating IT infrastructure:

Software defined everything helps to consolidate different IT infrastructure and centralize operations into a single platform. It further helps companies to provide flexible and right solution as per their needs.

Key factors driving the software defined everything market:

  • Reduce cost and increase efficiency:

Software defined everything will help in full utilization of resources by automation majority of the operations. This will help IT organizations and service providers to increase their data center efficiency which will in turn reduce infrastructure cost.

  • Business agility:

Software-defined everything allows real time monitoring which helps in provisioning of right resources at right time. It helps IT organizations to respond quicker to business demands and increase overall business agility.

  • Strong infrastructure base:

 Software defined everything helps to integrate different technology platform and provides a strong foundation for reuse and faster scaling of shared resources at the infrastructure layer.

  • Reduce infrastructure deployment time:

 Software defined everything helps to reduce application deployment time to create and deploy IT applications. This enables businesses to spread into new markets rapidly and overcome the lack of growth in emerging countries.

The benefits of software-defined everything are compelling. As they provide greater scope for automation, quick provisioning of IT resources, reduces hardware costs and takes less time for new implementations.