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Whether you are a key player in the market or plan to foray into one, knowing your potential target base is the big push for driving your sales. Understanding their core interest areas, strengths and drawbacks helps to build your market strategies around them. We at Infoholic support you in this endeavour by identifying prospective customers through our expertise in client and peer profiling.

Our competencies developed over the years, provides you detailed information about the prospects. Ideally, the key profiling characteristics focussed on include:

  • Company Overview
  • Financial Aspects
  • Business Modules and Strategies
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Spending
  • IT Strategy – Overview of strategy and identification of opportunities
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Potential Clients- Deep Dive Profiling
  • Decision Makers Profiling

Strengthened by our comprehensive approach and market knowledge, our service is intended to support the sales agenda of the client through our team of SMEs, and market research analysts.

Contact our sales team for a complete and informative peer & customer profiling of potential clients.

  • This company knows what it is doing. The team was efficient in its delivery and very cooperative when it came answering questions, no matter how trivial they were.

    Andy D

    Easy Care Integrated Solutions

  • Detailed yet to the point report – it was easy to understand and had some interesting insights. Good job Infoholic Research.

    Pradeep Kar

    Maneeshri Refractories & Ceramics

  • I was impressed with Infoholic’s prompt and professional approach. The analysts seemed knowledgeable and delivered quality work. I will work with this firm again.

    Thejasvi Prakash

    CTO, Sherlock Mobile

  • The whole experience has been great and I am happy with the service and the support. Infoholic Research would be a top priority for our future market Research and consulting project.

    Prabhakar Selvam

    CEO, Cantier Systems.

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