Go to Market Services

Go-to-Market services, provides a better way for companies to get their marketing achieved. Dedicated team of content experts help you leverage Trendz relevant content in your marketing initiatives.

The analysis, opinions and content used are drawn from our research and analysis independently conducted and published.

Third party, objective research is viewed as most credible message from your potential customers and Trend team provides leading edge content that elevates your brand image and Associate your brand with an emerging technology trend and raise your thought leadership position in the marketplace.

Services or offerings

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters/e-bulletins
  • Blogs
  • Product or solution spotlights


Infoholic Research white papers are sales and marketing collaterals used to describe how a specific product or solution addresses specific challenges in the market.

The two main objectives of white paper are

1) To share business information and technical knowledge

2) To promote products/ services and attract prospects

The two types of white papers include white paper with a case study and market/ industry white paper.

Case Studies:

Case studies are essentially a real-time success story of products and services of our clients, which includes specific business issues and then show how our clients has helped to solve it.

Our case studies help the customers to identify potential prospects in the market. Infoholic Research case studies are well written, well-structured and cost effective.


Newsletters are developed exclusively for your prospects/clients. Infoholic Research provides the content to major players across the various industries such as Telecom, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Healthcare, Banking and Insurance. This Newsletter/e–bulletin designed by Infoholic Research, dependent on your choice of Newsletter format (customized), the editorial rights lie with you and all content and articles will either be first run or re modelled from existing Newsletters. The highly qualified our dedicated team is specialized in providing the content and designing the templates. The small surprise of elegant and compatible designs is going to leave a big impression on your customers.


This global market research company is also specialized in providing & managing the content of our clients blogs. These blogs are typically analyst recommendations, opinions & industry expert views. An ultimate purpose of these blogs is to communicate effectively to targeted customers and also help the clients to increase their global presence.

Product or Solution Spotlight:

We have dedicated & qualified team provides the content for product/ service spotlights. Essentially this service is all about featuring the key product or services of the client to promote the company’s business and brand.

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