Content Management Services is an action plan for companies to enhance the overall customer experience while achieving the marketing strategies. Our content driven approach which runs through the value chain of activities including Whitepapers, Blogs, Articles, Case studies, Newsletters, etc. focuses on the relevant trends that feature in your business initiatives. Content development is based on independent analysis, research and opinions with Client Visibility, Awareness, Audience Education, Branding, Market Segment Understanding and Technology-Know-How. Through each engagement, we offer Third party content assistance empowering your business to reach and acquire new customers and markets worldwide.

Services Offered


Infoholic Research white papers are sales and marketing collaterals to understand a specific niche domain, address the challenges, describe how a specific product or solution addresses the challenges and then make an informed decision.


Newsletters are developed exclusively for prospects/clients. We provide the content to keep your prospects and customers informed about the new developments in your company. The content may include new product launch, premium services, and promotions.


Make your content more appealing to customers with interesting and relevant blog posts. Blogs lend an interactive value to your website leveraging customer engagement. Our content team specializes in generating blog content and managing it for our clients.

Case Studies

Case studies are real-time stories providing a descriptive account of a specific business aspect, event, or even problem in a real situation. It describes the complexities, challenges, and solutions and how each of these things influences decision making.

Solution Spotlight

Service feature aims to transform data into intelligent business solutions. Instead of focussing solely on a single product or service glitch, solution spotlight looks at all aspects of the problem and figures out a way to make these parts work as an effective solution.

  • This company knows what it is doing. The team was efficient in its delivery and very cooperative when it came answering questions, no matter how trivial they were.

    Andy D

    Easy Care Integrated Solutions

  • Detailed yet to the point report – it was easy to understand and had some interesting insights. Good job Infoholic Research.

    Pradeep Kar

    Maneeshri Refractories & Ceramics

  • I was impressed with Infoholic’s prompt and professional approach. The analysts seemed knowledgeable and delivered quality work. I will work with this firm again.

    Thejasvi Prakash

    CTO, Sherlock Mobile

  • The whole experience has been great and I am happy with the service and the support. Infoholic Research would be a top priority for our future market Research and consulting project.

    Prabhakar Selvam

    CEO, Cantier Systems.

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