IT Market Scenario for Poland, By (Verticals, 30 Outsourcing Companies, and Top 10 Key IT Service Providers) – Trends & Forecast, 2015- 2020

  • September, 2016
  • Domain: Country Specific Research (CSR) - Country Specific Research (CSR)
Pages: 166
Tables: 54
Charts: 54
Regions/Countries: 1/1
Companies: 40
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During the last decade, Poland has emerged as major provider of ICT solutions, partly due to the rapid globalization of the ICT market and due to the extensive outsourcing of production to Asia, Mexico and Central Europe, as well as Eastern Europe. Today, Poland’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the CEE region. The country’s economy improved after it became a part of the European Union (EU) in 2004. The country is developing with fund support from the government and EU. Within a few years of its inclusion in EU, the country’s living standards improved and economic development too occurred rapidly. Today, the country visualises to be fully digitized by the end of this decade, backed by huge EU funding. The country has become the preferred destination for outsourcing business due to its proximity to the big five European countries and similar time zones.

Extremely talented workforce, low costs, and sound political and economic conditions are factors supporting the growth. The country has a huge potential in the biotechnology and R&D sectors. In the coming years, it is assumed that the country will be fully digitised with its current e-governance initiatives and will be the most preferred destination for research, IT, tourism and medical services.

Market Analysis

The IT market in Poland will be growing moderately and will have a CAGR of approximately 5.1% during the forecast period 2015–2020. The inflow of foreign investments, European Union (EU) fund availability and new trends such as mobile applications and cloud computing are the major growth drivers in the market. Administration, banking, financial services & insurance (BFSI) and telecommunications are the major verticals which spend a lot on ICT solutions. However, lack of proper infrastructure and weak communication network will hamper the growth of the software market.

Market Segmentation

The Poland IT Market is segmented by Software, Hardware and IT Services.

Segmentation by Verticals

The market is analyzed by the following application verticals - Banking, Finance, Services and Insurance (BFSI), Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, Telecom, Infrastructure, Healthcare and Others.

Geographical segmentation

Key Vendors

The major companies in Poland, which provide IT services include HP Polska, ABC Data, and Flextronics International Poland. The report also describes the IT outsourcing companies and IT service provider.

Competitive Analysis

The report lists 30 outsourcing companies which have been studied and compared based on metrics such as revenue, investments, IT spending and key Initiatives, IT stakeholders/influencers and associated vendors. The IT service providers have been compared based on metrics such as financial health, business units, SWOT analysis, key business priorities, business strategies and views etc.


The report will be useful to the key stakeholders of the IT market in Poland such as IT outsourcing vendors and local and global companies in the following ways:


  • Competitive analysis (i.e. current and future key business strategies of the competitors and their regional growth)

  • Drivers, growth opportunities, and regional trends


The report provides an in-depth analysis of the IT market scenario in Poland aiming to bring the vendors and end users on one common platform. The report provides a detailed analysis of the IT outsourcing market in the country. It highlights the outsourcing market right from the quality of the workforce available in the country to most of the projects outsourced to the country. The report gives insights about the latest government rules and regulation for setting up a business in Poland and major deals that have happened in the country post 2014. Thus, it highlights the current business scenario of the country.

The study involves exhaustive primary and secondary research to include a detailed analysis of the leading local and global 30 outsourcing companies in terms of their current and expected IT spending, current and expected R&D spending, the company’s current and future key IT initiatives and key stakeholder’s contact information. The report includes in-depth analysis of the key IT vendors in the region and the market share of the leading IT vendors. Lastly, micro- and macro-analysis of the Poland IT market has been covered in the report.


1    Poland Overview
1.1    Overview
1.2    Pest Analysis

2    Report Outline
2.1    Report Scope
2.2    Report Summary
2.3    Research Methodology
2.4    Report Assumptions

3    Key Initiatives & Investments
3.1    Government Initiatives & Regulations
3.2    Major Deals and Partnerships
3.2.1    Major Deals in 2014

4    ICT Market Scenario
4.1    Poland Market Evolution
4.2    Key market characteristics
4.2.1    Driver    Growing Economy    Fair Foreign Trade Policy    Support from European Union Structural Funds    Growing IT Sector
4.2.2    Restraints    Poor Infrastructure    Week Communication Network    Need for Investor Friendly Laws
4.2.3    Opportunities.    In Research and Development    Cloud Services    Ecommerce
4.2.4    DRO Impact Analysis

5    IT Spending and Forecast
5.1    IT Spending
5.1.1    Global IT Spending
5.1.2    CEE and CIS IT Spending
5.1.3    Poland IT spending
5.2    Poland IT market
5.2.1    Software    Market Size & Analysis
5.2.2    IT Services    Market Size & Analysis
5.2.3    Hardware    Market Size & Analysis

6    Poland Macro & Micro Analysis
6.1    Macro Analysis
6.2    Micro Analysis
6.2.1    Poland IT Outsourcing Market Players Analysis

7    Verticals: Market Size & Analysis
7.1    Overview
7.2    Banking, Finance, Services and Insurance (BFSI)
7.2.1    Overview
7.3    Aerospace & Defense
7.3.1    Overview
7.4    Manufacturing
7.4.1    Overview
7.5    Telecom
7.5.1    Overview
7.6    Infrastructure
7.6.1    Overview    Transport Infrastructure    ICT Infrastructure
7.7    Healthcare
7.7.1    Overview
7.8    Freight Transportation
7.8.1    Overview
7.9    Others
7.9.1    Overview    Agriculture    Retail    Education

8    30 IT Outsourcing Companies
8.1    Bank Pekao SA
8.1.1    Overview
8.1.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.1.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.1.4    Associated Vendors
8.2    PKO Bank Polski, Poland
8.2.1    Overview
8.2.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.2.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.2.4    Associated Vendors
8.3    Citi Handlowy, Poland
8.3.1    Overview
8.3.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.3.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.3.4    Associated Vendors
8.4    Gemalto, Poland
8.4.1    Overview
8.4.2    Revenue and Key Initiatives
8.4.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.4.4    Associated Vendors
8.5    Merck, Poland
8.5.1    Overview
8.5.2    Revenue, R&D Spending and Key Initiatives
8.5.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.5.4    Associated Vendors
8.6    Aviva, Poland
8.6.1    Overview
8.6.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.6.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.6.4    Associated Vendors
8.7    ING Bank ?l?ski, Poland
8.7.1    Overview
8.7.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.7.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.7.4    Associated Vendors
8.8    mBank, Poland
8.8.1    Overview
8.8.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.8.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.8.4    Associated Vendors
8.9    Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland
8.9.1    Overview
8.9.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.9.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.9.4    Associated Vendors
8.10    Volvo Group, Poland
8.10.1    Overview
8.10.2    Revenue, R&D Spending, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.10.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.10.4    Associated Vendors
8.11    Volkswagen Group, Poland
8.11.1    Overview
8.11.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.11.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers    Associated Vendors
8.12    General Motors, Poland
8.12.1    Overview
8.12.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.12.3    IT stakeholders/influencers
8.12.4    Associated Vendors
8.13    Samsung, Poland
8.13.1    Overview
8.13.2    Revenue, Investments, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.13.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.13.4    Associated Vendors
8.14    Amica, Poland
8.14.1    Overview
8.14.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.14.3    IT stakeholders/influencers
8.14.4    Associated Vendors
8.15    T-Mobile
8.15.1    Overview
8.15.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.15.3    IT stakeholders/influencers
8.15.4    Associated Vendors
8.16    Ericsson, Poland
8.16.1    Overview
8.16.2    Revenue, investments and key initiatives
8.16.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.16.4    Associated Vendors
8.17    Orange, Polska
8.17.1    Overview
8.17.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.17.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.17.4    Associated Vendors
8.18    Netia, SA
8.18.1    Overview
8.18.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.18.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.18.4    Associated Vendors
8.19    Cyfrowy Polsat SA
8.19.1    Overview
8.19.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.19.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencer
8.19.4    Associated Vendors
8.20    Gardner Aerospace, Poland
8.20.1    Overview
8.20.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.20.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.20.4    Associated Vendors
8.21    MTU Aero Engines, Polska
8.21.1    Overview
8.21.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.21.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.21.4    Associated Vendors
8.22    ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries Sp. z o.o.
8.22.1    Overview
8.22.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.22.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.22.4    Associated Vendors
8.23    Biedronka, Poland
8.23.1    Overview
8.23.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.23.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.23.4    Associated Vendors
8.24    Tesco, Poland
8.24.1    Overview
8.24.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.24.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.24.4    Associated Vendors
8.25    Auchan
8.25.1    Overview
8.25.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.25.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.25.4    Associated Vendors
8.26    EADS PZL
8.26.1    Overview
8.26.2    Revenue, R&D Spending and Key Initiatives
8.26.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.26.4    Associated Vendors
8.27    GE, Poland
8.27.1    Overview
8.27.2    Revenue, Investments, R&D, IT Spending and Key Initiatives
8.27.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.27.4    Associated Vendors
8.28    Nestle, Poland
8.28.1    Overview
8.28.2    Revenue, Investments, R&D Spending and Key Initiatives
8.28.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.28.4    Associated Vendors
8.29    Open Text Corporation, Poland
8.29.1    Overview
8.29.2    Revenue, R&D Spending, and Key Initiatives
8.29.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.29.4    Associated Vendors
8.30    UPC Systems ,Poland
8.30.1    Overview
8.30.2    Revenue, Investments and Key Initiatives
8.30.3    IT Stakeholders/Influencers
8.30.4    Associated Vendors

9    Key IT Service Providers
9.1    HP Polska
9.1.1    Overview
9.1.2    Financial Health
9.1.3    Business Units
9.1.4    SWOT Analysis
9.1.5    Key Business Priorities
9.1.6    Business Strategies and Views
9.2    Comarch
9.2.1    Overview
9.2.2    Financial Health
9.2.3    Business Units
9.2.4    SWOT Analysis
9.2.5    Key Business Priorities
9.2.6    Business Strategies & Views
9.3    NTT System, S.A.
9.3.1    Overview
9.3.2    Financial Health
9.3.3    Business Units
9.3.4    SWOT Analysis
9.3.5    Key Business Priorities
9.3.6    Business Strategies & Views
9.4    PGS Software, Poland
9.4.1    Overview
9.4.2    Financial Health
9.4.3    Business Units
9.4.4    SWOT Analysis
9.4.5    Key Business Priorities
9.4.6    Business Strategies & Views
9.5    ABC Data, S.A.
9.5.1    Overview
9.5.2    Financial Health
9.5.3    Business Units
9.5.4    SWOT Analysis
9.5.5    Key Business Priorities
9.5.6    Business Strategies & Views
9.6    Asseco
9.6.1    Overview
9.6.2    Financial Health
9.6.3    Business Units
9.6.4    SWOT Analysis
9.6.5    Key Business Priorities
9.6.6    Business Strategies & Views
9.7    Tech Data
9.7.1    Overview
9.7.2    Financial Health
9.7.3    Business Units
9.7.4    SWOT Analysis
9.7.5    Key Business Priorities
9.7.6    Business Strategies & Views
9.8    Talex
9.8.1    Overview
9.8.2    Financial Health
9.8.3    Business Units
9.8.4    SWOT Analysis
9.8.5    Key Business Priorities
9.8.6    Business Strategies & Views
9.9    Mobica
9.9.1    Overview
9.9.2    Business Units
9.9.3    SWOT Analysis
9.9.4    Key Business Priorities
9.9.5    Business Strategies & Views
9.10    Flextronics International Poland
9.10.1    Overview
9.10.2    Financial Health
9.10.3    Business Units
9.10.4    SWOT Analysis
9.10.5    Key Business Priorities
9.10.6    Business Strategies & Views

10    Annexure
10.1    Acronyms

Research Framework

Infoholic research works on a holistic 360° approach in order to deliver high quality, validated and reliable information in our market reports. The Market estimation and forecasting involves following steps:

  • Data Collation (Primary & Secondary)
  • In-house Estimation (Based on proprietary data bases and Models)
  • Market Triangulation
  • Forecasting

Market related information is congregated from both primary and secondary sources.

Primary sources

involved participants from all global stakeholders such as Solution providers, service providers, Industry associations, thought leaders etc. across levels such as CXOs, VPs and managers. Plus, our in-house industry experts having decades of industry experience contribute their consulting and advisory services.

Secondary sources

include public sources such as regulatory frameworks, government IT spending, government demographic indicators, industry association statistics, and company publications along with paid sources such as Factiva, OneSource, Bloomberg among others.

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