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Turkey Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Market, By Applications (Lighting [Indoor and Outdoor; Bulbs, Street Lights, and Spot Lights], Displays and Backlights, Mobile Devices, Signs & Boards) – Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts: 2015–2022

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Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) based lights have been changing lighting industry in the past 5–10 years and are responsible for the replacement of halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs. The developing economies across the globe which were lagging behind the developed economies in terms of technological acceptance level are now exporting the LED products to developed countries.

In 2013, Turkey initiated an ambitious project to replace street lights with LEDs in order to decrease the energy consumption by as much as 75% and to contribute towards balancing current deficit of the country. Since then, Turkey’s lighting market has been witnessing a huge shift from traditional light sources to non-conventional LEDs products. Although, the product manufacturing companies still have to rely heavily on imports for LED supply, yet the market is witnessing high growth owing to government support in terms of favorable import policies for LED chips. A similar trend has also been witnessed in other LED product markets as well where LED displays are replacing the traditional displays and LED sign boards are replacing conventional boards, changing ways the marketing is being done.

The study of Turkey LEDs market provides the market size information and market trends along with the factors and parameters impacting in both short and long term. The study also covers the competitive scenario of the market with respect to the raw material availability, major players with their branding strategies and differentiating factors among others. The study ensures a 360° view, bringing out the complete key insights of the industry. These insights help the business decision makers to make better business plans and informed decisions for the future business.

According to Infoholic Research, Turkey LEDs market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.6% during the forecast period 2016–2022 to reach $344.0 million by 2022. The lighting segment is expected to contribute the largest contribution towards the growth whereas the highest growth is expected from signs & boards segment which is expected to be benefitted by technological development, decreasing LED price and industrial development of Turkish economy.

The Turkish LED market is not only focusing on building the domestic demand for LED markets but also eyeing to cater export markets in the European region in order to fill the void created after the ban of halogen lamps import by the European Union. The LED products manufacturing capabilities in Turkey is constantly improving. Many international players have established their manufacturing set-ups in Turkey in order to reap benefits of growing market opportunities. Some of the prominent players in Turkey LED market are Osram, Philips, General Electric, and Metsan Lighting. In addition, helps the venture capitalist in understanding the companies better and take informed decisions.


This study covers and analyzes one of the growing and revolutionizing markets in terms of light sources in Turkey’s “Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)” market. Bringing out the complete key insights of this market, the aim of this report is to provide the business opportunities for players to understand the adoption rate of LEDs types in various industry sectors, latest trends, current and future market scenarios, and emerging technologies related to Turkish LEDs market. Some of the key points featured in the report aiming to help the industry participants are mentioned below.

The report provides the complete details about the LEDs’ adoption rate, applications and major market trend, drivers, restraints, and opportunities in each LED product application areas and what are the market trends which are going to support for LEDs adoption in each application industry. These information help the stakeholders to understand about the current and future market scenarios to focus or expand/invest in specific verticals.

This report helps the stakeholders to understand the market competitiveness and available opportunities in Turkey LEDs market. The analysis of the study provides an opportunity to the players to improve their current business approach by providing strategic intelligence about the competition. Some of the key industry players profiled include Osram, Philips, General Electric, among others.

This study also provides the competitive landscape of the leading players specific to LEDs market that helps them to understand about their competitor’s landscape.

The report can also be tailored as per the specific information required by the users. The customization of the report is available on the basis of product markets, vendor profiles, other light sources and sub-application level.
1 Introduction

1.1 Research Methodology

1.2 Market Definition & Coverage

1.2.1 Market Definition

1.2.2 Major Application Areas

1.2.3 Major Application Areas - Sub Segments

2 Executive Summary

3 Market Overview

3.1 Country Trends

3.2 PESTLE Analysis

3.3 Market Drivers

3.4 Market Challenges & Inhibitors

4 Turkey LED Market Analysis

4.1 Momentum Analysis By Applications

4.2 Turkey LED Market Revenues, By Applications

4.3 Turkey LED Market Volume, By Applications

4.4 Turkey LED Market Volume, By Applications (Year-on-Year)

4.5 Turkey LED Market Revenues from Mobile Devices, By Sub-segments

4.6 Turkey LED Market Revenues from Displays, By Sub-segments

4.7 Turkey LED Market Revenues from Lighting, By Sub-segments

4.8 Turkey LED Market Revenues from Signs & Boards, By Sub-segments

4.9 Turkey LED Market Revenues from Other Applications

5 Turkey LED Market Supply Analysis, by Key Players

6 Supplier Profiles




6.4 General Electric

6.5 Atıl Aydınlatma



Research Framework

Infoholic Research works on a holistic 360° approach in order to deliver high quality, validated and reliable information in our market reports. The Market estimation and forecasting involves following steps:

  • Data Collation (Primary & Secondary)
  • In-house Estimation (Based on proprietary data bases and Models)
  • Market Triangulation
  • Forecasting

Market related information is congregated from both primary and secondary sources.

Primary sources

Involved participants from all global stakeholders such as Solution providers, service providers, Industry associations, thought leaders etc. across levels such as CXOs, VPs and managers. Plus, our in-house industry experts having decades of industry experience contribute their consulting and advisory services.

Secondary sources

Include public sources such as regulatory frameworks, government IT spending, government demographic indicators, industry association statistics, and company publications along with paid sources such as Factiva, OneSource, Bloomberg among others.


Turkey Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Market, By Applications (Lighting [Indoor and Outdoor; Bulbs, Street Lights, and Spot Lights], Displays and Backlights, Mobile Devices, Signs & Boards) – Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts: 2015–2022
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