Global Medical Tourism Market Forecast up to 2025

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Medical Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries with strong growth potential due to straight effect of globalisation of healthcare. Expensive treatments and long list of waiting for medical procedures are supporting the cost-effective international travel. The cost of treatment in a developed nation is inflated. It is projected that for quality reliable treatment, the treatment options are likely to be affluent with overpriced products. This has increased the burden on the global healthcare systems in recent times. Accessibility of economical treatment opportunities along with improved superiority of care is the key feature driving the medical tourism market. Easier approachability of expert professionals at a lesser fee is the foremost purpose behind inexpensive treatment charges in various destinations.

This report provides detailed study and revenue opportunity of medical tourism across various segments such as treatment types and region. Based on the treatment types the market is segmented into Cosmetic Treatment, Dental Treatment, Cardiovascular Treatment, Orthopedics Treatment, Bariatric Surgery, Fertility Treatment, Ophthalmic Treatment, and Other Treatments.

According to Infoholic Research, the “Global Medical Tourism” market is expected to grow at a CAGR between 15% and 20%** during the forecast period 2019–2025.

The report provides details about the adoption of medical tourism across various regions including Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. The report also contains an in-depth analysis of vendor profiles, which includes financial health, business units, key business priorities, SWOT, strategies, and views of major players in the global medical tourism market. The market players included in the report are MedRetreat, Healthbase, Apollo Hospitals, KPJ Healthcare Behard, Klinikum Medical Link, Euromedical Tours, BB Health Solutions, and Cosmedic Travel.

The study offers a comprehensive analysis of the “Medical Tourism Market”, providing key insights of the industry. Also, the report aims to provide an opportunity for players to understand the latest trends, current market scenarios, government initiatives, and technologies related to the market. In addition, it helps the venture capitalists in understanding the companies better and take informed decisions.


**Initial pre-research estimated growth range and subject to change in the final report.

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Infoholic research works on a holistic 360° approach in order to deliver high quality, validated and reliable information in our market reports. The Market estimation and forecasting involves following steps:

  • Data Collation (Primary & Secondary)
  • In-house Estimation (Based on proprietary data bases and Models)
  • Market Triangulation
  • Forecasting

Market related information is congregated from both primary and secondary sources.

Primary sources involved participants from all global stakeholders such as Solution providers, service providers, Industry associations, thought leaders etc. across levels such as CXOs, VPs and managers. Plus, our in-house industry experts having decades of industry experience contribute their consulting and advisory services.

Secondary sources include public sources such as regulatory frameworks, government IT spending, government demographic indicators, industry association statistics, and company publications along with paid sources such as Factiva, OneSource, Bloomberg among others.