Global Metabolomics market: Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts: 2017-2023 (Copy)


Global Metabolomics Market: Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts: 2017-2023

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Metabolomics aids in identification and quantification of cellular metabolites via advanced analytical technologies by using statistical and multi-variant approaches for knowledge interpretation. This process provides direct functional information of the biological state of any organism. Several analytical technologies have been employed to examine metabolites in different organisms, tissues, or fluids. Metabolomics is applied in various domains such as phenotyping of genetically modified plants, gene function estimation, and biotic and abiotic monitoring responses. These increasing applications of metabolomics in various domains is expected to increase the demand worldwide. Moreover, metabolomics is convenient for connecting the void between genotype and phenotype by providing comprehensive assessment of cell functioning along with identification of novel modifications in certain metabolites. The growth of the Global Metabolomics market is expected to increase with different hypotheses, examination, and data mining of metabolomics data sets and their metadata to target different metabolites, increasing its application in Biotechnology.

The Global Metabolomics market is gradually gaining reputation in the Life Sciences domain as metabolomics is a comparatively fast and detailed application technique, which has the potential to provide new information about biological systems. The market is analysed via three segments: technique, application, and geography. By technique, the metabolomics market is further segmented to separation techniques (including gas chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, HPLC, and UPLC) and detection techniques (including NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry). The HPLC segment witnessed the highest share of the metabolomics market by revenue amongst separation techniques applied in 2016. The metabolomics market is also analysed by application such as biomarker discovery, nutrigenomics, drug taxation, clinical toxicology and others.

The Global Metabolomics market is also analysed by geography: the Americas, the EMEA region, and the APAC region. The Americas was the highest revenue generator of the metabolomics market in 2016, followed by the EMEA region. Increasing investments in R&D by the leading players and abundant availability of technologically advanced products are driving the growth of metabolomics market in the Americas. Moreover, increasing awareness and acceptance of personalized medicines and growing acceptance of technologically advanced products are expected to boost the market during the forecast period. The APAC region is expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. This is mainly due to the gradual improvement of biotechnology research infrastructure, huge population base, and increasing demand for healthcare needs. Japan and India are expected to be the major contributor to the metabolomics market growth in the APAC region during the forecast period.

The Global Metabolomics market is highly competitive in nature, with the top six companies accounting for the major market share in 2016. Few of the major players in the market are mentioned as: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Biocrates Life Sciences AG, Agilent Technologies Inc., Bruker Corp., Danaher Corp., Metabolon Inc., LECO Corp. and Shimadzu Corp. Most of the major players in the market are currently focusing on mergers and acquisitions of SMBs, collaboration and partnerships with various other leading companies, and latest product launches.

The Global Metabolomics market report provides the complete details of various market trends and biotechnology applications and adoption rate in various medical segments and across the regions. The major trends, drivers, restraints, and opportunities in each segment are also covered. This study will help stakeholders to understand the current and future market outlook to focus/expand/invest in the Metabolomics market.

This report also provides the competitive landscape of the leading players in Global Metabolomics market and this study will help the vendors to understand about their competitor’s landscape. The report can also be tailored as per the specific info required by the users. The customization of the report is available on the basis of countries, vendor profiles, enterprise and vertical wise.


Report Scope:


  • Separation Techniques
  • Detection Techniques


  • Clinical Toxicology Testing
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Drug Taxation
  • Others


  • Americas
  • EMEA
  • APAC

Industry Outlook: Market Trends and Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities

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