Global Intragastric Balloon Market: Drivers, Opportunities, Trends and Forecast 2017-2023

Intragastric Balloon – Gastric balloon is a medical device that refers to an endoscopic intragastrical procedure, where the inflated silicon balloon is inserted in the stomach for 6 months. This is widely known as weight loss balloon designed to help individuals to eat less and feel full sooner while eating. This makes less room for food and help the body to adapt to healthier portion sizes. This procedure is non-surgical, non-invasive, and requires no-incision. However, this procedure is not permanent and helps individual to lose up to three times the weight and diet alone. Apart from weight loss it has many health benefits; it may help in improving diabetes, maintain cardiac health and other bone related issues.

Overweight and obesity is one of the primary and the most common conditions globally. Obesity is a serious medical condition, which can cause complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, sleep disorders, and atherosclerosis. Treatment for such individual is dependent and based on severity people undergo surgery or increased physical activity o FDA approved weight loss medicines. According to the WHO updates, it was estimated in 2014 that more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 and above were overweight, of which more than 600 million were obese.

Globally there is a huge pool of patients suffering from varous chronic diseases either because they are obese or due to obese they have prone to many chronic diseases. Intragastric balloon is being one among the fastest and trending medical device in treating patients who are obese. This has increased the awareenss and early diagnosis, which will drive the global intragastric balloon market during the forecast period. Factors such as rise in prevalence of obese individual, increase popularity of minimally invasive technique, and growing importance about mangement of obesity is driving the market. However, ther cost of procedure and lack of reimebrsement for endoscopic intragastric balloon procedure will hamper the market growth.

The Global Intragastric Balloon Market is expected to grow at a faster pace during the period 2017-2023. In 2016, North America contributed the highest to the revenue of the Intragastric Balloon market, and it was followed by the Europe region. Increasing popularity of minimally invasive surgeries, government efforts to increase population access for elective endoscopic procedures are driving the market for Intragastric Balloon technology in North America. Asia-Pacific is the fastest-growing segments. This is due to the growing number of obese patients, continuous increasing patient base, improving healthcare infrastructure. Few of the prominent players in the market are Apollo Endosurgery, Spatz FGIA, ReShape Medical, Allurion Technologies, Helioscopie and Obalon Therapeutics and other predominate & niche players.

The report provides the complete details of various market trends and intragastric balloon applications and adoption rate across the regions. The major trends, drivers, restraints, and opportunities in each segment are also covered. This study will help stakeholders to understand the current and future market outlook to focus/expand/invest in the intragastric balloon market.

This report also provides the competitive landscape of the leading players in global Intragastric Balloon Technology market and this study will help the vendors to understand about their competitor’s landscape. The report can also be tailored as per the specific info required by the users. The customization of the report is available based on countries, vendor profiles, enterprise and vertical wise.

Report Scope:

Domain: Healthcare (Medical Devices)

  • Product
    • Single intragastric balloon
    • Dual intragastric balloon
    • Triple intragastric balloon
  • End-users
    • Hospital’s
    • ASCs
    • Physician’s Office
  • Regions
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Rest of the World

Industry Outlook: Market Trends and Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities

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