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Worldwide Software Defined Everything (SDE) Market to grow at a CAGR of 27.9% over the period 2016–2022 to aggregate $143.35 billion by 2022

September, 2016

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The promise of reducing capital and operational expenditures in data centers is the major reason for organizations to switch to software defined technologies. Its growth would also be aided by emerging technologies such as IoT, analytics, and cloud. Adoption is the biggest concern as it requires a big initial investment to switch from legacy infrastructure, and organizations are looking for examples of its full-scale success. Security concern is another factor that affects its adoption rate.

Infoholic Research LLP, a global market research and consulting organization, has published a study titled “Worldwide Software Defined Everything (SDE) Market: Drivers, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts, 2016–2022” (September 2016).


According to Infoholic Research, SDN will witness the highest growth rate during the period 2016–2022. This is mainly due to the increased adoption by enterprise data centers looking for infrastructure flexibility and reduction of time to market for different applications and services.

It will also be fueled by rise in BYOD in organizations and huge demands for cloud services. The SDN market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 49.6% during the period 2016–2022 to touch an aggregate of $30.76 billion by 2022.

As per the report Worldwide Software Defined Everything (SDE) Market; it will grow at a CAGR of 27.9% over the period 2016–2022 and reach a significant $143.35 billion by 2022

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Image: Y-O-Y graph of SDE market. Few of the values are hidden. You can find the complete report at Infoholic Research.

SDDC will have the major share reaching $109.09 billion mark by 2022. It requires a huge investment for its deployment and provisioning and is preferred by organizations looking for simplicity, flexibility and gaining a competitive edge over others. At present, North America is leading followed by Europe. Europe lags due to its concern over security mainly by American organizations. The BFSI and healthcare are the major end-users of SDE technologies due to the rise in e-banking through smartphones and smart healthcare, respectively.

SDE is in the initial stage and plays an important role in the virtualization platform. It helps the organizations in maintaining efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. SDE also provides huge business opportunities in hybrid cloud and is expected to play a key role in this market.” – KR Sreenivasan, Founder Director at Infoholic Research


Key Stake holder in Software Defined Everything ecosystem are Data Center provders, Networking providers, Cloud Providers, Managed Service providers, Service Providers, Research institutes and Magazine.

SDE has a huge potential to change the landscape of data centers. With the rise in the demand for cloud services, and its promise to provide flexibility, scalability, and operational efficiencies, SDE is now becoming a part of strategic planning in a number of organizations. However, it would not see an immediate growth due to confusions regarding the standards and security. Most of the CIOs are aware of the investments required and have not yet prioritized its adoption” – Tariq Ahmed. Shaik, Research Manager at Infoholic Research

The report aims to highlight key insights from providers and end-users. The report provides an in-depth analysis and forecast about the industry covering the following key features:

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Scope of the Report:

The research report provides details of the ongoing and upcoming SDE projects across the world. The SDE market is categorized into the following segments and sub-segments:

  • The market is analyzed by

  • Types – Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Storage and Software Defined Data Center

  • End-users – BFSI, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, telecom & IT, government and others

  • Regions – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa

  • The report also covers drivers, restraints and opportunities (DRO) affecting the market growth during the forecast period (2016–2022)

  • It also contains analysis of vendor profiles, which include financial health, business units, key business priorities, SWOT, strategy and views

  • The report covers competitive landscape, which includes mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures & collaborations, and competitor comparison analysis

  • In vendor profile section, for the companies that are privately held, financial information and revenue of segments will be limited

 *Vendor Assessment

Vendor Assessment is on the basis of technology, R&D spending’s and product offerings

The report not only highlights users’ conundrum (challenges and barriers to adopting SDE technologies) but also brings in their perspective on the market

  • This market has been analyzed by taking into account the key regions – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa

  • The report analyzes the market according to the types, end-users and regions

  • The report analyzes the top 5 players in terms of market reach, business strategy, and business focus; market attractiveness by types, end-users and regions

  • Stakeholders’ insights and key trends (current and future) of the market


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