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Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Market worth at the rate of 8.10% CAGR

December, 2020

" COVID-19 impact on Protein Crystallization & Crystallography market, size, share, growth, industry analysis and forecast 2020-2026 "

Protein crystallization is a process that happens naturally or artificially, where protein crystals are created, which are then utilized for scientific, industrial, and specifically for the examination of X-ray crystallography. The procedures for the artificial creation of protein crystals include vapor diffusion, micro-batch, microdialysis, and free-interface diffusion.

The protein crystallization & crystallography market is enlarging at a substantial growth rate credited to the rising demand for protein therapeutics, which is primarily used in cancer treatment. Also, several aspects are enhancing the growth of crystallization of protein samples in various end-users. Along with those factors, protein purity, pH, the concentration of protein, temperature, precipitants, and additives are few other reasons for market growth. Apart from that, the huge costs for instruments are hampering the market growth.

The enormously increasing advanced technology and rising government funding in the field of protein crystallization & crystallography are primary factors that are pushing the growth of the protein crystallization & crystallography market.

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The Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Market research report titled “Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Market by Technology, Product and Service, End-User and Geography – Global Forecast to 2026

The key promoters protein crystallization & crystallography market are the Rigaku Corporation, Hampton Research, MiTeGen LLC, Agilent Technologies, Corning Incorporated, Tecan Group, Calibre Scientific Inc, and SARomics Biostructures.

The multiple numbers of pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies in the North American region and rising expenditure in establishing the structure-based drug production are the reasons for the major share in the North American region. On the other hand, the Asia Pacific is registered as the fastest-growing region in the market due to the existence of emerging countries in the market of protein crystallization & crystallography.

The report consists of 115 Tables and 70 charts depicting the in-depth market study and the impact analysis of COVID-19 by Vendor name. View detailed TOC here.

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The Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Market based on Technology

  • X-ray Crystallography
  • NMR Spectroscopy
  • Cryo-electron Microscopy
  • Small-angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)

The Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Market based on Product and Service

  • Consumables
    • Microplates
    • Crystal Mounts and Loops
    • Other Consumables
  • Reagents Kits/Screens
  • Instruments
    • Liquid Handling Instruments
    • Crystal Imaging Instruments
  • Software & Services

The Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Market based on End User

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Research & Government Institutes
  • Biotechnology Companies

The Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Market based on Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World

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