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Crude Oil Desalter Market worth 8.8% CAGR by 2020

March, 2021

" COVID-19 impact on Crude Oil Desalter market, size, share, growth, industry analysis, and forecast 2020-2026 "

Crude oil desalter is a processing unit in an oil refinery that eliminates salts present in the crude oil. These salts are present in the water of the crude oil, not in the crude oil itself. Desalting is generally the first phase in the crude oil refining process. The content of salt in oil after the desalter is commonly measured in PTB.

One of the major factors to influence the crude oil desalter market is the increasing significance of fluid catalytic units, which is primarily projected to positively impact the growth of the crude oil desalter market. On the other hand, the reducing import of crude oil from the European region along with the impact of COVID-19 on the import of crude oil is anticipated to create a challenge for the crude oil desalter market in the near future.

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In addition, the combination of refinery and petrochemical operations are providing opportunities for market growth. Petrochemical products are utilized in various numbers of industries, including but not limited to packaging, textiles, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

The Crude Oil Desalter Market research report titled “Crude Oil Desalter Market based on Type, End-Use, Application Area, and Geography – Global Forecast up to 2026

Significant vendors of the crude oil desalter market include Croda International Plc, Agar Corporation Ltd., Cameron International Corporation, Canadian Petroleum Processing Equipment Inc., ICE (Asia) Pvt Ltd, VME Process Inc.,

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Majorly, the crude oil desalter market is occupied by the Asia Pacific region. The major share of the Asia Pacific region is attributed to the increasing investments in the expanding oil refineries in this region's major countries

The report consists of 109 Tables and 68 charts depicting the in-depth market study and the impact analysis of COVID-19. View detailed TOC here.

Crude Oil Desalter Market based on Type

  • Single Stage
  • Two Stage
  • Three Stage

Crude Oil Market based on End-Use

  • FCC Feed Desalting
  • Heavy Crude Desalting
  • Distillate Treating
  • Other

Crude Oil Market based on Application Area

  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Other Application  

Crude Oil Market based on Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World

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