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Corporate Wellness Market worth 5.8% CAGR by 2027

July, 2021

" COVID-19 Impact on Corporate Wellness Market, size, share, growth, industry analysis, and forecast 2021-2027 "

Workplace wellness programs are a organized set of health promotion strategies performed at worksites and contain policies, programs, and certain profits to the community planned to encourage the health and safety of employees. Employee wellness programs are regularly becoming common in many organizations to keep employees productive and reduce employee turnover.

Corporate wellness is a significant aspect of an organization because most employees in a group suffer from various diseases such as depression, hypertension, etc. Healthy employees can spend less on health care and take fewer leaves for the cause of falling sick, which will lead to maximum productive output. The need to cut down the rising healthcare costs, healthcare facilities offered to the employees, and the use of wearable technology is increasing, which resulted in driving the growth of the corporate wellness market. Moreover, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has also increased the emphasis on health and focus on the need for effective health and wellness activities in the workplace. Therefore, the integration of wellness programs in the workplace has become a bigger priority, enhancing market growth.

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The state authorities have set down various guidelines for corporate firms. Moreover, there are frequent checks and appraisals conducted to inspect the progress of new and established vendors. A corporate wellness program can be vital for companies to be adequately graded by state inspection authorities. Thus, there are lucrative growth prospects for competitors and stakeholders operating in the global corporate wellness market.

The Corporate Wellness Market research report titled “Corporate Wellness Market based on Service, End-use, Category, and Geography – Global Forecast up to 2027.

The top well-known competitors of the corporate wellness market are Wellness Corporate Solutions, Truworth Wellness, Bupa Wellness Pty Ltd, The Vitality Group, Inc., and Truworth Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

North America is commanding the market, whereas the Asia Pacific is witnessing significant growth due to the growing work population in the region and the rising awareness about employee health management.

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The report consists of 97 Tables and 67 charts depicting the in-depth market study and the impact analysis of COVID-19. View detailed TOC here.

Corporate Wellness Market based on Service 

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Fitness
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Health Screening
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Stress Management
  • Others

Corporate Wellness Market based on End use 

  • Small Scale Organizations
  • Medium Scale Organizations
  • Large Scale Organizations

Corporate Wellness Market based on Category 

  • Fitness & Nutrition Consultants
  • Psychological Therapists
  • Organizations/Employers

Corporate Wellness Market based on Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World

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