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Asia Pacific Connected Aircraft Market to grow at a CAGR of 19.5% during the forecast period 2017–2023 to reach an aggregate of $3,621.7 million by 2023

July, 2017

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The increasing demand for in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment services are expected to drive the market.

Infoholic Research LLP, a global market research and consulting organization, has published a study titled “Asia Pacific Connected Aircraft Market: Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts to 2023 (July 2017).

According to Infoholic Research novel connectivity technologies allow airline operators to provide better connectivity to the passengers, the cabin crew, the cockpit crew, and the maintenance crew. The in-flight connectivity providers are offering advanced satellite communication for the airline operators that ensures flight safety and enhances the crew and passenger productivity. These providers are offering customized products to their customers to improve their revenue. Passenger entertainment services segment held the major market share and experienced a CAGR of 12.7% during the forecast period 2017-2023. This is due to increased demand for videos, music, and games from the passengers.

Satellite communication and in-flight connectivity have brought technological innovation to the aviation industry. The connected aircraft systems have become a major component in the aviation industry. These systems provide unique and customized features such as onboard Wi-Fi enabled systems, emailing, and onboard calling (Skype, Mobile).

The demand for onboard internet has increased considerably in the past few years. Earlier, the demand was from the business class, but now demand has enhanced from the millennial population as well. Thus, some of the Internet service providers and airline operators are offering free in-flight Wi-Fi to the passengers, and other companies are charging on an hourly basis for the data volume consumed.

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China is the leading country followed by India, Singapore, Japan, ANZ, and Others in the Connected Aircraft Market of Asia-Pacific. In China, more than 60% of the passengers are choosing in-flight Wi-Fi as a service over entertainment services. There is an increase in data traffic in connected aircraft due to increasing adoption of in-flight Wi-Fi. Government of several countries in the APAC region are taking initiatives to invest in the satellite communication systems to increase their GDP.

The airline operators are hugely spending in connected technologies such as satellite communication, Wi-Fi connectivity, and wireless devices. The airline operators are able to utilize the data generated by operations, such as weather information, maintenance, fuel efficiency level, engine performance, and others, using the connected solutions. This increases the efficiency of the pilots and other crew members. There is a huge demand for in-flight Wi-Fi across Asia Pacific due to the increase in demand for browsing, e-magazines, social networking, and emails.”- D Vijaya Sai, Research Analyst at Infoholic Research

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