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Rising Air travel and growing cargo shipments drive the airport infrastructure market in India

September, 2015

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Rising air passengers and cargo traffic, emergence of new business destinations, increased affordability of air travel, booming tourism, government’s open sky policy are the growth propellants for the Airport Infrastructure Investment Market

Infoholic Research LLP,A global market research and consulting organization, has published a study titled “Airport Infrastructure Investment in India – Trends & Forecast, 2015-2020”

Airport infrastructure is an indicator of the economic prosperity of a nation. Airports connect people as well as global economies. Adequate airport and ground infrastructure is a crucial factor in the development of an economy. Aviation infrastructure should be developed to ensure unimpeded growth of the aviation market

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An estimated amount of US $ 10 billion will be spent on airport infrastructure over the next five years so that it is expected that India would become the third largest aviation market by then. The Indian aviation market is poised for a soaring growth with the development of new economic corridors, new airports, expansion of the existing ones, emerging smart cities, deeper penetration into smaller cities, rising disposable income and increasing air travel affordability of the Indian middle class. The Indian government’s open sky policy helps foreign players to enter the aviation market of India.

The aviation industry is rapidly growing in India with increasing in number of visitors and Air traffic management. The passenger numbers are expected to triple over the next decade which will require massive investment in airport expansion and constructions. The Airport Infrastructure Investment Market of India is segmented by Airports and Airlines. The Airport segment is sub segmented by international airport, domestic airport and other operations.

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“The Airport Infrastructure market is a very competitive market, but has a lot of growth prospects in India as it is set to offer a developed infrastructure in the next 10 years. Total investments on Airport Infrastructure is estimated to reach INR 377,275 crores by 2032 which includes Greenfield and Non-Greenfield Airport projects in India. Non-greenfield airports hold a major share of 84.6% compared to Greenfield airports” - Jaydeep Bhattacharjee, Group Head at Infoholic Research.

Report Highlights

  • The report provides exhaustive detail about the usage and adoption of Airport Infrastructure market

  • The report covers drivers, restraints and opportunities (DRO) impacting the market during the forecast period (2016–2022)

  • The report includes an exhaustive analysis of the key market trends, Porter’s Five Forces analysis and PEST analysis

  • The report also lists the major investment projects on airport infrastructure development, discusses about FDI inflow and important associations

  • It includes detailed vendor profiling encompassing financial health, business units, key business priorities, SWOT analysis, business strategy and views

  • The report also covers competitive landscape, which includes mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and collaborations, and competitor comparison analysis


Mr. Karthick Subramani

Infoholic Research LLP

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