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Web-enabled Variable Message Signs for Real-Time Messaging

February, 2019

Web-enabled variable message signs can be used as roadside messaging devices for functions such as active urban traffic management, freeways, tunnels, toll facilities, emergency (hard shoulder) management, airport, rail and bus passenger's guidance and lane management among others. Portable as well as non-portable, web-enabled variable message signs such as the InstAlert 24 from All Traffic Solutions, Web Studio from Bartco UK, and many more similar VMS solutions, which are valuable for a variety of reasons, for instance, timely traffic notification, lane management, and speed limits among others. Web-enabled variable message sign solutions offer fastest and easiest way of communications, cloud web-based remote management services, easy update and sync messages in real-time, generate and share reports over the Internet among other features.

Why web-enabled variable message signs capabilities are important?

  • Simple to program - User can set up multiple information for different days and dayparts; for example, display “SPEED 20 MPH - SCHOOL ZONE-SLOW DOWN” during school hours on weekdays and share other information like “VOTE HERE 10/6” at other times.

  • Cost - If user deploys a resource every time to change a sign message, it’s adds to the cost for user. Firstly, the user is tying up the resource and preventing them from performing their other duties. Secondly, the user is taking a vehicle that could be deployed elsewhere; and finally, also incurs fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

  • Time - Web-enabled variable message sign solutions facilitate users to change messages remotely from any Internet-connected device such as phone, tablet, or computer. With web-enabled variable message sign solutions user can simply log-in, select the sign or signs that need to be changed, type in the new message (or select from pre-programmed list) and click a button, now the message is changed on user’s sign(s) in real-time.

  • Easy to monitor devices - When connected to Internet, web-enabled variable message sign solutions can send an email or text alert when batteries are low or dead, or for other relevant system information. Web-enabled variable message sign solutions can be enabled with GPS features, which helps in locating the VMS unit(s).

Web-enabled variable message sign solutions are proven to be cost-effective and easy to manage. It is expected that due to its cost advantage and advanced features the adoption of these solutions is expected to be on the higher side in the global market.

– Pradeep Singh
Senior Research Analyst
Infoholic Research LLP