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Use of IoT in Construction Industry

December, 2018

IoT is witnessing an increased growth in the construction industry. IoT enabled sensors aids construction workers to have a central data platform for finding performance parameters. Sensors used in ventilation ducts and elevators monitor patterns and alerts workers in critical situations. This could help to lessen the time for building maintenance and prevents any major loss of money. IoT also helps to avoid building collapses and thereby ensures zero loss of human lives.

Apart from these IoT is also used for fleet management and machine control. IoT enabled machines has a high level of precision and could be used to plan and coordinate build activities easily. In fleet management, IoT helps to reduce error through automation and enhances the safety of the workers in the site. Site monitoring is the process of recording job conditions. IoT helps to measure various factors including temperature, noise, humidity, and vibration in the worksites.

Wearable tech in IoT could help construction sites in tracking its labour and ensuring labourers safety. Wearables can give headcount of the workers and show their current work sites and could provide safety alerts for all the workers in the work site. IoT helps construction firms by providing planning, optimizing, monitoring and reporting work conditions using the advantages of fast and reliable connectivity. IoT Platforms provides firms with analytics and reports to make better decision-making process and to obtain a better management of the resources.


IoT helps to provide an insight of the status of construction using reports generated from tools and machines. Currently, the use of IoT in construction is limited though there is a scope for huge improvements in the future. IoT combined with software powered by AI and Machine Learning could be the next trend in construction and could make significant advances in productivity, efficiency, and spending in the construction sector. Due to these advantages, it is expected that many construction firms would adopt IoT in their sites in the nearby future.

- Arjun Das,
Senior Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research