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Only Makeshift Tourniquet Are Used As Acceptable Medical Equipment

October, 2018

Tourniquet is a medical compressing device used to strop or control the venous and arterial blood flow for a period. They are commonly used in limb surgeries and other medical procedures, but majorly used as emergency safety device to stop bleeding from a traumatic injury. It is today considered as an essential medical device during trauma injuries, mishaps, accidents, and even during wars. It is estimated that 20% of people who have severe injury or bleeding have lost life due to bleeding. Tourniquets have quick bleeding control technique and are simply referred as “Stop the Bleed’.

Most of the injuries that have severe bleeding is from the extremities and these injuries must be immediately medicated or stopped to save individual life. Tourniquets should be easy to use, mechanically effective, durable, and capacity to stop the occluding blood flow from an arm or leg. There are many tourniquets available in the market but to choose the right tourniquet is important. Apart from choosing the best tourniquet, understating and training about the tourniquet is very essential. During high-stress situations people would not understand or figure out how to use or apply the tourniquet during the most precious minutes to save the individual life.  There is various tourniquet available in the market such as SAM XT by SAM Medical and CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) by North American Rescue and other Tourniquet systems by Stryker, Zimmer Biomet to maintain the pressure during surgeries etc.

There are different types of available tourniquets in the market that come in all shape, size, and colour that accomplish the job depending on the quality, brand, and level of training had for an individual to use the tool effectively.  Further, professional healthcare providers are given intensive training and help them learn how to use the tourniquet effectively during emergency situations. Therefore, choosing an improvised tourniquet will aid proper emergency medical treatment in high-stress and emergency situations.

– Azhar,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research