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Threat Intelligence and SIEM - For Preventing Advanced Threats

January, 2019

SIEM solutions provides an elevated view of the IT infrastructure and has 2 major goals which includes managing logs efficiently and detecting security incidents in real time. Threat intelligence provides the information about the attackers and their abilities. Many organizations have started adding TI with SIEM to thwart the advanced attacks in a proactive manner. It also helps them in prioritizing the most important threats and mitigating those threats.


Security information and event management (SIEM) is the central part of any security operations center (SOC) for organization and helps in enhancing the security and compliance management structure and better protect critical data. SIEM solutions collects, monitors and analyses the activities within organization’s IT environment. It collects the information (logs, events) from several devices such as network devices (routers, switches), security devices (antivirus, firewalls, IDS/IPS), end-user devices (smartphones, tablets), servers (email, web), and applications, correlates the data and then analyzes for detecting incidents and anomalies and then stores the data in the database. SIEM solution helps organizations in identifying internal and external threats, provides compliance reporting, and support incidence response.  By analyzing the event and log files, reports on non-compliant activities and policy violations are provided along with the compliance auditing, network health and evidence of how well threat prevention efforts are working. For preventing the advanced threats such as Advanced Persistent Threats(APT’s), zero-day threats, in a proactive manner, threat intelligence is added to SIEM solutions.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence solutions collects the data about threats, and threat actors from various sources, which is then analyzed for providing information in the form of management reports which is also useful for automated security control solutions. It provides insights about adversaries and their motivations, intentions, and methods which helps the organization in understanding about the threats which had, will or are currently targeting the organization. The valuable information is also used for identifying the threats, building effective defense mechanisms, and mitigating the risks of such threats. Targeted threats such as APT’s, and zero-day threats and exploits requires a targeted defense, and threat intelligence solutions has the capabilities of keeping the organization informed about the emerging threats, vulnerabilities, existing or emerging threat actors to proactively choose the right solutions for protecting their businesses.

– Sonam Chawla,
Research Analyst,
Infoholic Research