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Siemens UK Partnership with GBSL to Build 22 MW “Energy Storage Service” Launch

June, 2018

Siemens marks its presence in UK by a new partnership with Grid Battery Storage Limited (GBSL)

The German electronics giant Siemens has marked its presence in the UK region by partnering with the GBSL. The project has been divided into 4 major projects which are collectively launch termed as the “energy storage as a service”. The first module of the project to be built at Dorking in the south of England, has a total capacity of 6MW/6MWh. The project has reached completion ahead of its scheduled time in summer 2018. The first project has been planned to be introduced for bidding at Firm Frequency Response (FFR). Based on the response obtained by the new services by transmission system operator (TSO) National Grid, it will be followed by a similar cycle for remaining three projects by early 2019. By introduction of supercapacitors, end users are expecting an overall gain margin in reduced carbon footprints. Thereby driving the overall market of supercapacitors consumption globally.

Reduced carbon footprints & increase in overall clean energy consumption:

  • Understanding the business model: the business model involves the installation of the required equipment without demanding any upfront capital from the client. So, the clients buy the service from the providers on formulated basis. This kind of business model needs a very close touch with the supercapacitor materials and equipment providers so that they can take a calculated risk for the same.

  • Saving environment & economy: The Siemens Simotics FD ‘energy ‘flywheels and the super-capacitors will supply short-term energy storage, while the power conversion factor will be provided by Sinamics S120, to control the transfer of energy to load banks, super-capacitors, flywheels and the grid. This will drive the European consumption expecting to be the second highest growing region in the supercapacitor materials market. Overall the European region will foresee a great step towards cleaner and better future in terms of energy usage.

Siemens: A brief overview

Siemens AG is a German company with its headquarters based out in Berlin & Munich.  The company was known by the name Siemens & Halske. In 1966, Siemens & Halske (founded in 1847), Siemens-Schuckertwerke (founded in 1903) and Siemens-Reiniger-Werke (founded in 1932), merged to form Siemens AG. In 1991, Siemens acquired Nixdorf Computer AG and renamed it Siemens Nixdorf Information Systeme AG, and acquired Industrial Systems Division of Texas Instruments, Inc, along with many other companies in the next years. Most part of the revenue comes from Europe. They have direct and indirect channels in more than 200 countries all over the world. Siemens began delivering supercapacitor enhanced light-rail transport systems that include mobile storage since 2012.

- Satya Shiwani
Chemical Market Research Analyst
Infoholic Research